John Deere: More comfort and power for speciality 5G tractors

The latest John Deere 5115GF tractor is designed for use in wide vineyards or orchards
The latest John Deere 5115GF tractor is designed for use in wide vineyards or orchards.

John Deere’s 5G series tractors now offer more model diversity and comfort for the varied tasks involved in high-value crop farming. The series has undergone a complete update for all tractors of more than 75hp, including five new, more-powerful models in GV (narrow vineyards), GN (extensive vineyards), GF (wide vineyards or orchards) and GL (low-hanging or pergola orchards) configurations.

A key new 5G feature is the five-speed Hi-Lo PowrReverser Eco-transmission that enables travel at 40km/hr with reduced engine speed, making the tractors more fuel efficient and more comfortable to drive.

To meet individual customer requirements, new models have been added to the 5G Series. Chief among these are the new 5115 tractors for the GF, GN and GV model series that deliver up to 120hp maximum power.

Furthermore, John Deere offers more power versatility for operation in the tightest rows in the vineyard as the GV model range gets two new power ranges – the 5105G and 5115G with maximum power outputs of 105hp and 120hp respectively.

The 91hp, 105hp and 120hp models are all powered by a 3.6-litre, four-cylinder FPT Industrial engine that now meets Stage V emissions standards. The 75hp models were previously upgraded to a Stage V 3.4-litre, four-cylinder FPT Industrial power unit.

The redesigned cab on the latest 5G models is now better adapted to drivers’ needs. The new design offers improved ergonomics as well as more legroom, increasing driving comfort and makes working with the new tractors an even more enjoyable task. A significantly reduced bonnet height provides an unrivalled view to the front. More visibility, especially during the night, is also provided by the optionally available LED lighting.

While the new cab makes the work more comfortable, the driver’s health will also benefit. The optional Category IV filter system integrated into the roof of the cab provides protection against dust, aerosols that are hazardous to health and vapours.

The latest John Deere 5G tractors feature a redesigned cab. The largest 5GL models enjoy a wider seat that increases driver comfort
The latest John Deere 5G tractors feature a redesigned cab. The largest 5GL models enjoy a wider seat that increases driver comfort.

Another highlight of the latest 5G Series tractors is their new five-inch digital display that represents important vehicle information centrally in front of the driver and even allows various tractor and/or machine settings to be conveniently changed.

The new tractors are not only easier to operate, they’re also getting smarter. The tractors can optionally be equipped with ISObus and retrofitted with the JD-Link telematics module. This allows the tractors to be connected to the free-of-charge John Deere Operations Centre that saves time and money. Operations can be digitised and planned more easily as state-of-the-art fleet management tools come with the tractor for free.

To manage work on steep slopes and narrow rows even more efficiently, the tractors can be equipped with comprehensive features such as Dynamic Steering and AutoClutch. Dynamic Steering automatically changes steering wheel resistance in line with ground speed. At slower speeds, the steering effort required is significantly reduced, especially during tight turning manoeuvres, while higher steering wheel torque is made possible when driving on roads at transport speed. This improves the driver’s comfort and control over the tractor. The AutoClutch function makes it easier to manoeuvre on slopes, as the clutch is engaged with the brake pedal.

In orchards with low-hanging pergola crops, John Deere’s 5G series also offers an open station (OS) or a low-profile cab. Meanwhile, a new 105hp tractor for the GL range offers more power and the larger driver’s seat provides more driving comfort.

2022 John Deere 5G range (* new models)

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GN Cab




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GV Cab



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