Massey Ferguson: 1700E Series strengthens compact tractor range

Massey Ferguson's new 1755E compact tractor is rated at 54hp
Massey Ferguson’s new 1755E compact tractor is rated at 54hp.

Massey Ferguson has announced the introduction of its new 54hp MF 1755E and 40hp MF 1740E compact tractors. Both are powered by the latest Stage V compliant engines and come equipped with mechanical gearboxes.

“These robust, straightforward, multi-purpose machines, are designed specifically to carry out a range of cost-effective operations on smaller farms as well as in intensive horticulture, orchards, vineyards and other hard to access areas,” MF’s Jérôme Aubrion said.

The MF 1755E is equipped with a flat-floor platform, while there’s a semi-platform on the MF 1740E. Both come with four-wheel drive as standard, as well as high-performance engines and transmissions.

“Ideally suited for those working to a tight budget, these tractors deliver the appropriate specifications at an affordable price and with low cost of ownership,” Mr Aubrion added.

With the launch of the MF 1700E tractors, Massey Ferguson is increasing choice in this important and popular sector, now providing affordable, easy to use, entry-level options that complement the existing MF 1500 and MF 1700M Series.

These two new models in the MF 1700E Series are designed specifically to be easy to use and deliver straightforward and dependable operation across a wide range of enterprises.

Massey Ferguson MF 1700 E Series specifications

MF 1740 E

MF 1755 E


Flat-floor platform




Engine power




3cyl/1.8 litre Stage V

4cyl/2.4 litre Stage V


8F/8R Mechanical

12F/12R Mechanical

Hydraulic flow rate

28.3 lit/min

32.2 lit/min

Linkage lift capacity



Max rear tyre size



Delivering 54hp, and built on a 1,980mm wheelbase, the MF 1755E offers the power, strength and stability to carry out a wide range work on small farms, horticultural units and other enterprises.

Power is provided by a four-cylinder, 2.4-litre engine, which is the same as that used in the largest models in the latest MF 1700M Series. This meets the strict Stage V emissions regulations using MF’s innovative All-in-One SCR technology that’s designed for the life of the tractor.

Routine engine maintenance is made easy thanks to the one-piece bonnet. This lifts fully open, with gas strut assistance, providing full access for checks and servicing.

An easy to use, 12-forward/12-reverse mechanical gearbox with shuttle reverser is standard on the MF 1755E. Well proven on the MF 1755M and the MF 1765M, this offers four gears in three ranges that are changed by levers mounted conveniently alongside the seat. Synchronised direction changes are made simply using the shuttle lever, located below the steering wheel on the left-hand side.

With its 1,200kg lift capacity, Cat 1 three-point linkage and 32.2 lit/min hydraulic flow, the MF 1755E is capable of handling and operating a wide range of implements in the field and yard. Operators can set the exact working height using position control and also adjust the linkage lifting and lowering speeds.

The 540rpm Independent PTO is activated electro-hydraulically, using a conveniently located switch on the dashboard. This provides a choice of standard engagement or Soft Start for high inertia loads. A stationary PTO switched mounted on the fender is standard.

Four floating rubber insulators minimise vibrations to the MF 1755E’s flat-floor platform.

Just below the steering wheel is a clear, modern dashboard, with a large rpm gauge at its centre, surrounded by a comprehensive array of warning lights and a large fuel gauge to the left.

The platform’s user-friendly design offers clear access and plenty of hand grips. Operators will find the controls are arranged in a neat and logical layout and are easy to reach. Moulded plastic covers around the levers enhance the appearance and include a cup holder.

At 40hp, MF 1740E looks set to be a popular choice. With its 1,675mm wheelbase and semi-platform operator station, it offers the power and dimensions to suit a wide range of tasks – from out in the fields to operating in orchards or undercover in polytunnels.

A three-cylinder, 1.8 litre engine, well proven on the MF 1735M and MF 1740M models, powers the MF 1740E and meets the Stage V emissions regulations with the same exclusive, All-in-One system.

It also benefits from the same one-piece bonnet that lifts clear to provide easy access for routine maintenance and servicing.

The mechanical gearbox provides eight-forward/eight-reverse speeds. Four gears in two ranges are selected using a central main gearshift lever and separate range lever on the left-hand side. Direction changes are made easily using the synchronised shuttle lever, mounted under the steering wheel on the left hand side.

With a hydraulic pump flowrate of 28.3 lit/min and a 1,000kg lift capacity from the Cat 1 three-point linkage, the MF 1740E can handle a wide range of useful implements.

In common with the more powerful, MF 1755E, it also has position control to set and maintain the precise working height. The system also benefits from adjustable speed for lifting and lowering.

MF 1740E tractors are fitted, as standard, with a 540rpm Independent PTO, with selectable standard or Soft Start to operate powered equipment. A stationary PTO switch is also mounted on the rear fender.

A straightforward semi-platform provides operators with a comfortable and convenient workplace, with a thick rubber floor mat improving comfort and insulating operators from noise and vibrations.

All controls are positioned conveniently either side of the seat. Levers for the linkage and spool valves are just to the left of the seat, while to the right are the two/four-wheel drive selector as well as the range shift. There’s also a convenient cup holder on the fender.