Yokohama: More sizes join Alliance Agri Star II offering

A further 12 sizes are now available in the Alliance Agri Star II range
A further 12 sizes are now available in the Alliance Agri Star II range.

Yokohama Off-Highway Tyres has added 12 more sizes to its Alliance Agri Star II radial tractor tyre range, thus further building on the portfolio.

The sizes can be ordered now through Yokohama Off-Highway Tyres’ distribution network across Europe.

The new sizes for 70 series include: 240/70R16, 360/70R28, 520/70R30, 260/70R20 and 580/70R42. In the 85 series, the following can be ordered as of now: 250/85R24, 280/85R20, 320/85R34 and 420/80R46. And in the 90-95 series: 210/95R16, 320/90R42 and 420/90R30.

“We see with enormous pride that customers in different markets such as Spain, Italy, Thwe Netherlands and France, for example, highly appreciate and value the Agri Star II and give very positive feedback via our field engineers and distribution partners,” Yokohama-OHT’s European president, Angelo Noronha, said.

The Alliance Agri Star II is said to excel in terms of performance, prolonged traction, durability and design, thus offering excellent value for money. These features are strongly rewarded by the market, turning this pattern into a continuously growing success story.

“It’s highly motivating to see that that quality and performance of Alliance tires and particularly the Agri Star II receives more and more recognition,” Mr Noronha added. “This is mirrored in customer feedback from various markets.”