Spearhead: Rotary mower gearbox warranty is now seven years

The 165hp gearbox system on Spearhead's flex-wing rotary mowers now has a seven-year warranty
The 165hp gearbox system on Spearhead’s flex-wing rotary mowers now has a seven-year warranty.

Confident of its tough build, Spearhead has enhanced its gearbox warranty across the entire range of Multicut flex-wing rotary mowers. Every model – from the 160 to the 820 – now incorporates a more powerful 165hp gearbox system with an industry-leading seven-year guarantee.

First launched by Spearhead Machinery in 2019 on key models with a five-year warranty, the Multicut’s premium gearbox demonstrated its performance followed by endless positive feedback. With proven results and a brand-wide roll-out, the new longer warranty period adds further quality assurance to the ever-popular mower range.

Spearhead’s chief design engineer, Neil Warren, said the strong 165hp gearbox had worked hard for many customers during the past two years.

“Designed with challenging terrain in mind it’s the best Multicut gearbox ever,” he added. “Our rotary mowers are relentless, and now they all have a seven-year warrantied gearbox that performs in all conditions providing further peace of mind for our loyal customers.”

Delivering up to 30 per cent more power than competitive gearboxes, the 165hp version also has oversized shafts and gears. This improves performance in the toughest of terrains.

“We’re committed to building the very best quality machinery,” Mr Warren said. “We remain proud of our talented British engineering team and with a manufacturing heritage in-house, bolstered by valuable customer feedback, we work towards a continuing cycle of listening and improving.”