Michelin: Contractor replaces long-lasting YieldBib tyres

Michelin's YieldBib tyres offer the brand's Ultraflex Technology
Michelin’s YieldBib tyres offer the brand’s Ultraflex Technology.

Cornwall-based contractor Grigg-Agri has invested in another set of VF420/85R34 Michelin YieldBib tyres for its two Bateman RB35 sprayers after the original equipment rubber lasted twice as long as the tyres the firm had run in the past.

The two sprayers are used to support a wide range of arable crops across the county, clocking up significant mileage on country roads as they travel between farms.

“The longevity and performance of the YieldBib tyres has been really impressive,” owner Mark Grigg said. “We’d used a different product in the past, but Bateman fitted the Michelins to these two sprayers as original equipment and they lasted for four seasons, whereas the old tyres would only ever last for two seasons.

“Both sprayers are loaded with 4,000-litre tanks and are very heavy vehicles doing a lot of road work. But the YieldBibs stood up to the challenge, clocking up 4,500 hours before we had to switch to the new set.”

Grigg-Agri's two Bateman 4000 sprayers managed four season (4,500 hours each) on their original Michelin YieldBib tyres
Grigg-Agri’s Bateman 4000 sprayers managed four seasons (4,500 hours) on the original Michelin YieldBib tyres.

Michelin YieldBib tyres benefit from patented Ultraflex Technology, meaning they can carry the same load as a standard technology tyre, but with up to 40 per cent reduced inflation pressure and without compromising on robustness. They also boast Very High Flexion (VF) casings, giving a 24 per cent larger surface footprint that helps to spread the machine’s weight across a larger surface area for less ground compaction.

Other key features include stubble-deflecting lugs and an anti-stubble belt in the tread area, designed to strengthen the main zone at risk of damage caused by stubble, bolstering the tyres’ durability.

“We’ve found these tyres really protect the crops,” Mr Grigg added. “They fit down the rows very well and minimise any damage in the field. Fitting a cheaper option may have saved us a little bit of money initially but in-depth studies have shown running these low pressure Ultraflex Technology tyres could boost yields by four per cent, plus they’ve lasted twice as long, so we know Michelin offers the best value in the long run.”