Horsch: New Cultro TC models can be front-mounted for great flexibility

The new Horsch Cultro 5TC has working width of 5m
The new Horsch Cultro 5TC has a working width of 5m.

The Cultro TC is a double-knife roller with a low horsepower requirement that can be used in combination with other machines for a wide range of applications. Launched in 2019 with a 3.0m model that can be mounted on the front or rear linkage, the range has now been extended with 5.0m and 6.0m working-width models to provide a greater number of machine combinations.

Front and rear mounting adds great flexibility to the Cultro TC’s operation and allows more tasks to be done with a single pass. The new 5.0m and 6.0m models, that can be folded to 3.0m transport widths, are also available with a two-bar harrow. The Cultro TC can be easily combined with other machines, for example, as a front attachment without a packer and with the disc harrow Joker CT.

The Cultro TC is also available as a rear-mounted 9.0m model and a trailed 12.0m model to meet customers’ requirements. These can also be folded to 3.0m transport widths.

The knives produce an intensive crushing effect, allowing the Cultro TC to work very effectively in rape or silage maize stubble and in catch crops. The compact diameter of the roller body allows for a high number of revolutions and cuts. The high efficiency of the machine allows operational speeds up to 20km/hr while maintaining a low horsepower requirement.