Variable-rate plans can now be easily created as part of the Rhiza Essential and Advanced packages
Variable-rate plans can now be easily created as part of Rhiza’s Essential and Advanced packages.

The digital and precision farming arm of Agrii, Rhiza, has revealed an updated service structure that fully integrates its precision farming and digital agronomy services for arable and grassland farmers.

The Base package, which is free to access, allows farmers to visualise key sources of data from satellite imagery and local weather data to soil information provided via Cranfield and the James Hutton Institute.

“It also integrates weather-driven pest and disease model forecasting to help better plan applications, and a powerful mobile scouting app, Contour Mobile, to provide quick access to in-field observations and satellite imagery to enable targeted fieldwalking,” Rhiza technical manager Sam Fordham said.

The next package levels, Essential and Advanced, use and interpret that information to further help decision-making in two key areas: establishment and yield enhancement.

The updated Rhiza packages are now available to all UK farmers
The updated Rhiza packages are now available to all UK farmers.

“Those subscribing to the Essential plan are able to choose from either creating variable-rate plans for either seed or for nutrients (N, P & K, Lime), while those choosing the Advanced plan have access to both inputs, maximising the benefits from using data to help with decision-making,” Mr Fordham added.

Both packages can be optionally supported by a dedicated Facts-qualified account manager who’ll help interpret the data and assist with decision-making through the year.

This extra support also comes as standard as part of the Premier package, which includes all the features of the Base, Essential and Advanced plans, and offers an integrated approach to optimising all inputs.

“Premier fully integrates both digital agronomy services and precision farming tools, by making full use of field-based soil analytics, such as soil electrical conductivity or soil brightness maps and soil nutrient analyses to make detailed nutrient management plans in conjunction with the Facts-qualified account manager,” Mr Fordham said.

Rhiza account managers also use the latest results from 10 digital technology farms across the country that research and develop digital and data-based information services and work closely with your agronomist to deliver the highest return from your investment in digital and precision farming services.

Rhiza is designed to gives access to the best data for smarter daily management of your crops
Rhiza is designed to give access to the best data for smarter daily management of crops.

“The 21 Rhiza account managers are a valuable source of expertise helping customers to make the most of what digital and precision farming services can bring to their business,” Mr Fordham added. “Rhiza is now used across 800,000ha of arable and pasture-based farms in the UK, and the dedicated account managers offer additional value alongside the agronomist in making the most of what these tools offer.”

As well as Facts qualifications, the account managers also undertake additional soil health and Basis Foundation training.

“They’re more than just a precision agronomy adviser,” Mr Fordham said. “They can expand on a lot more than just what we have in the platform to provide value for the customers.

“Integrating precision agronomy with digital tools is crucial to realising the benefits of both; one can’t go without the other. You can’t see benefits only by looking at data, you also need to take actions based on it. That’s why instead of offering only visual data, we are integrating direct planning tools into our packages, such as the variable rate applications.”

Rhiza’s services are available to all farmers, not just Agrii customers.