Agco: New Massey Ferguson logo marks 175th anniversary

Massey Ferguson Triple Triangle
Massey Ferguson has launched an updated version of its triple-triangle logo for 2022.

Agco brand Massey Ferguson has announced a fresh new look for its iconic triple-triangle and a new “Born to Farm” brand identity to celebrate its 175th anniversary in 2022.

“Massey Ferguson has been offering farmers around the world straightforward and dependable machines since its inception nearly 175 years ago,” Agco’s chairman, president and chief executive officer, Eric Hansotia, said. “Few brands around the world can claim such a lasting impact in the agricultural industry. Massey Ferguson was truly ‘Born to Farm’.”

Agco senior vice president and the general manager of Massey Ferguson, Luis Felli, added that Massey Ferguson was now pivoting from being a pure farm machinery manufacturer into a provider of straightforward and dependable experiences that provide the best value for farmers and make their business more profitable and sustainable.

“This globally consistent, farmer-first approach enables customers to experience the transformation of the brand in a unique way all over the world,” he said. “Complemented by a synchronised global organisation, it was only natural to launch a new logo during this unprecedented moment in our history.”

Massey Ferguson Born to Farm
Massey Ferguson celebrates its 175th anniversary in 2022.

The triple-triangle logo is a strong icon that has embodied Massey Ferguson since 1958, and Agco said the new logo was a mix between strong heritage and fresh brand values. The three triangles are said to overlap to represent the mutually beneficial relationship and trust between farmers, dealers and the brand.

“Working as one Massey Ferguson global team, we aim to make farming operations easier, more profitable and more sustainable across the globe,” Massey Ferguson’s global marketing director, Alfredo Jobke, said. “We want to use this new logo to invite farmers, more than ever, to become part of the Born to Farm Massey Ferguson family.

“We also took this opportunity to transition to a modern, sleek and flat design while giving the logo life through the interaction of three triangles interlocking one into the other. Drawing it with one single, solid and straightforward gesture creates the appearance of movement. The flat design is very reflective of our current digital world, allowing us to manipulate the logo to bring it to life for our websites, applications on smartphones and smartwatches, or even the screens inside the machines themselves.”

The new logo will be progressively implemented across the globe. It has already begun to be featured in the brand’s digital channels and will be updated in all Massey Ferguson marketing material moving forward. This change builds momentum as Massey Ferguson prepares to celebrate its 175th Anniversary starting in January 2022.

The company will also implement a step-by-step introduction of the new logo into its facilities, factories, and offices across the globe, as well as in Massey Ferguson dealer network signage starting in 2022.