Graeme Renton of Renton Farm Services, at Dunbar, is a new Bauer irrigation equipment sales, service and parts dealer
Graeme Renton of Renton Farm Services, at Dunbar, is a new Bauer irrigation equipment sales, service and parts dealer.

Renton Farm Services has taken on the Bauer franchise from its farm-based premises near Dunbar to support potato and field-scale vegetable growers throughout East Lothian.

“Six years ago we started a family-run business sourcing and supplying parts for farm machinery and related equipment,” director Graeme Renton said. “As potato growers and users of a couple of elderly Bauer irrigation reels ourselves, I was aware of local support being limited, so approached Bauer about taking on the franchise.”

With an agreement in place, Mr Renton took the plunge by ordering two new Rainstar E irrigation reels for stock – and the move paid off as the first of those units has already been put to work on a local farm.

“It was a bit of a gamble, but I’m pretty confident of finding customers because as a premium product the Bauer reel irrigator has a strong reputation for performance and durability; our own machines are 26 years old and still relatively hassle-free,” he said.

Adrian Tindall and Rob Jackson, who handle Bauer interests in the UK and Ireland, have welcomed Renton Farm Services’ appointment.

“It’s been good to see Graeme looking ahead by stocking two machines in readiness for his involvement with Bauer, and having one in the yard will be useful for growers wanting to have a look at the latest Rainstar product,” Mr Jackson said. “I would urge growers considering a change of irrigator to also look ahead as we’ve been taking orders and securing build slots at Bauer’s very busy factory for deliveries in 2022.”

Like the first unit sold, the Rainstar E31 10/470 turntable reel available for viewing at Graeme Renton’s premises is equipped with tandem axles and a hydraulic drawbar jack, plus Bauer’s Ecostar 6000 controller that’s now fitted as standard for the UK and Ireland. This touch screen display provides easy access to settings, remote access to adjust wind-in speed, and provides interruption, fault, ‘distance to go’ and ‘run finished’ text notifications among its functions.

“Buying irrigation equipment is an investment that has to be considered over the long-term with respect to the total cost of ownership,” Mr Renton said. “The Bauer product is very attractive in that respect because of the reliability, performance and durability that comes from using high quality precision components and a fully galvanised chassis and reel structure.”

Bauer has been at the forefront of irrigation equipment design and technology for more than 50 years as a leading supplier worldwide. The group’s integrated manufacturing facilities at Voitsberg, Austria, produces original Bauer couplings, rigid pipe and flexible PE pipe, precision components and the fully galvanised reel units.