Pöttinger: New Servo T6000 designed for up to 500hp

The new Pöttinger Servo 6000 T semi-mounted plough
The new Pöttinger Servo 6000 T semi-mounted plough.

Pöttinger has revealed a new generation of semi-mounted ploughs, the Servo T6000, that’s the result of many years of ploughing experience and intensive development work. The main beam section and the Nova stone protection system have been revised from the ground up to optimise reliability.

The new semi-mounted ploughs are offered as Standard and Plus versions (six to nine furrows) as well as Nova and Plus Nova versions (six to eight furrows). Nova and Plus Nova ploughs feature hydraulic stone protection with an adjustable triggering pressure of up to 2,200kg to prevent damage to the plough and enable ploughing without interruption. The new series is available with a point-to-point spacing of 102cm and an underframe clearance of 80cm, or 90cm as an option.

The Traction Control system on the Servo T6000 actively transfers weight from the plough to the tractor. This means that up to 1,100kg more load can be applied to the rear wheels, while at the same time allowing the plough to track the ground perfectly.

As a result, wheelslip is minimised and fuel consumption is reduced by up to 3.5 lit/ha through pure efficiency. In addition, harmful smearing of the rear wheels is reduced and the soil is conserved.

Additional ballasting of the rear axle isn’t required. Front ballast is sufficient because the weight of the plough is transmitted so that the rear tractor wheels are under constant load.

The new Servo T6000 has fewer greasing points – all easily accessible – to minimise maintenance requirements. In addition, all reversible points are Durastar quality as standard. This contributes to a significant increase in durability and cost effectiveness.

A maximum triggering force of 2,200kg can be set on the Nova stone protection system
A maximum triggering force of 2,200kg can be set on the Nova stone protection system.

The mounting geometries of tractors keep on changing; tyres have become larger and tractors are higher. Accordingly, Pöttinger has adapted and optimised the geometry of the new Servo T6000 to precisely match the dimensions of new tractors.

The semi-mounted plough is attached to the tractor using double-sided linkage lugs. This configuration conveniently covers every possible geometry of mounting system. A long drawbar provides more space for turning manoeuvres and narrow entrances.

The settings that need to be made on the new semi-mounted plough can be made easily and intuitively in just a few steps. The working depth is set using swing clips on the support wheel. The front furrow width can be adjusted using the turnbuckle on the stabiliser – or hydraulically as an option. If required, the working width on the Plus and Plus Nova versions can be hydraulically adjusted to the site conditions, the application and the tractor power. This way, the best working results are always ensured. The triggering pressure of the Nova stone protection system can be conveniently changed using a spool valve on the tractor – the maximum triggering force is 2,200kg.

The plough beam has been engineered to absorb the loads acting on it during operation even better. The forces act in straight lines because deflections have been reduced to a minimum. This makes efficient use of the tractor’s pulling power. In addition, the newly designed construction protects all bearing points and mounted components.

The robust frame construction and Nova stone protection system ensure relentless operation in all conditions. Easy adjustment of all the relevant settings is assisted by hydraulic systems and easy accessibility. The best quality tilth and the reliable incorporation of plant residues and straw ensure a clean and tidy ploughing pattern.