Metos UK: Digital crop protection tools launched

Metos UK's AOS system provides vital information on spray conditions in the field
Metos UK’s AOS system provides vital information on spray conditions in the field.

Metos UK has launched its Application Optimisation System (AOS) for in-field spray conditions. It provides vital information on spray conditions in the field, helping ensure that operators can adhere to best practice guidelines for plant protection product applications.

“The in-field ultrasonic wind sensor is connected to an ISObus terminal that provides real-time wind speed and potential drift risk information to sprayer operators, managers, and agronomists,” Metos UK managing director David Whattoff said.

“The sensor is easy to install, and data is available instantly on a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. The hardware is contained in robust outer shell, and the system is designed to last many years, with minimal maintenance costs.”

The AOS system can be combined with other in-field sensors from Metos UK to give an even more detailed view of the climatic conditions affecting the crop, and to help manage foliar disease and insect pests.

The new SolAntenna sensor is made to be stored with potato crops
The new SolAntenna sensor is made to be stored with potato crops.

New products for potatoes include the SolAntenna, a blue, tuber-shaped sensor for in-store monitoring of potato crops, and an app that estimates potential crop yield from a photo.

Inside the SolAntenna are sensors to measure and track temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in-store. The data collected by the sensors enables growers to assess storage conditions and take action to prevent in-store rots.

The SolAntenna has a long battery life and can be placed anywhere within the store in both box and bulk storage. The wireless sensors transmit data to a virtual dashboard that’s accessible on mobile and computer, with real-time data available on connected devices.

The SolGrader system from Metos UK
The SolGrader app from Metos UK.

The new SolGrader app estimates crop size and yield from a photo taken in the field. With some data inputted to the app, and a photo of a sample of the crop taken on a special blue mat with a red square, SolGrader will calculate the estimated tuber size distribution, overall crop weight, yield, and value.

“Our approach to digital crop protection means that farmers can select the hardware, software and artificial intelligence services that meet their business needs, regardless of the range of crops they grow, or their location,” Mr Whattoff added.