Continental: New OEM approval from John Deere

ByWniF editors

Nov 16, 2021
Continental tyres are now available direct from the factory on new John Deere models from 90hp to 300hp
Continental tyres are now available direct from the factory on new John Deere models from 90hp to 300hp.

John Deere has approved Continental TractorMaster and VF TractorMaster tyres for its 6M and 6R tractor series. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approval means all 90hp to 300hp John Deere tractors can now be specified with Continental tyres.

Continental has supplied John Deere with its Tractor70 and Tractor85 tyres since 2019. However, this is the first-time customers can specify all John Deere 6M and 6R series models with Continental TractorMaster tyres, approved ex-works.

The range includes tyre widths up to 800mm, rim diameters up to 46 inches and tyre diameters up to 2.05m. The tyres are manufactured at a purpose-built agricultural tyre production facility at Lousado, Portugal. The facility also includes a research and development centre which is dedicated to driving the efficiencies of agricultural tyres.

TractorMaster radial tyres, in both standard and VF forms, have a five per cent higher lug surface area than comparable agricultural tyres, due to an individual lug design known as d.fine. This, coupled with N.flex technology, a patented nylon layer that makes the tyre more flexible, helps extend tyre life. N.flex also helps the tyre withstand impacts, without losing its original shape, which enables the tyre to adapt to uneven ground more effectively.

“With the TractorMaster, John Deere is expanding its tyre portfolio with a test winner that stands for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in agriculture,” Continental’s agricultural tyre specialist Richard Hutchins said. This was shown in 2019 when the TractorMaster tyre came top in a German Agricultural Society (DLG) test.

“We’re delighted that John Deere is expanding its Continental tyre range because it highlights our growth ambitions for the agricultural sector,” Mr Hutchins added.