Agricast: New STX stealth point unveiled

ByWniF editors

Nov 22, 2021
The new Agricast STX stealth point
The new Agricast STX stealth point.

The latest addition to Agricast’s range of low-disturbance subsurface cultivation points is the Stealth Extra STX that’s compatible with HE-VA’s Stealth and Evolution machines.

The new point has been designed to offer several improvements compared to the original design and can be retrofitted to any existing subsurface cultivator or subsoiler with help from Agricast’s in-house fabrication service.

The Agricast STX point features an innovative system to prevent the point from moving from side to side, thus reducing wear on the 15mm-thick, 500mm Hardox leg. The company has designed the point so that wings can be bolted onto it, giving farmers the option of lifting more soil if desired. Agricast has also improved the durability of the shin and added a larger Tungsten tip on the nose.

Another area where Agricast has innovated is the rear of the point, where the bolt is hidden in the shadow of the wing, significantly reducing wear to the fixing bolt, which is a common problem.

The STX is the third part to be added to Agricast’s range of low disturbance points, joining the Low Disturbance Xtra (LDX) and the Grassland Xtra (GLX), which was launched in December 2020.