Agricast: GLX Point meets unprecedented demand

The GLX cultivator point from Agricast
The GLX cultivator point from Agricast.

Agricast’s GLX point has become the company’s fastest-selling product, with 50 orders being supplied in just 10 months.

Introduced in December 2020, the GLX point is backwards compatible with Sumo’s GLS and grassland legs, and is designed to deliver medium depth cultivation with minimal soil disturbance.

With prices starting at just £37.50/point, Agricast’s managing director, William Robinson, said he believed the GLX offers one of the lowest costs per acre available, especially as they feature extensive tungsten reinforcements on the leading edges, hard facing on the body and a reinforced shin.

“We’ve been very pleased with how the GLX point has been received, and to have sold nearly all our stock in less than a year is amazing,” he added. “It appears we’ve found the sweet spot between durability, price and effectiveness. We’ve been delighted with the feedback we’ve had from people who’ve used them.”

Hampshire farmer Joe White is one of Agricast’s satisfied customers.

“The soil here has a lot of flint and a clay cap, and we’ve been a bit disappointed with how quickly some OEM points have worn, so we decided to test three points,” he said. “We were very impressed with how well the Agricast GLX performed, and while we have no scientific evidence, it has shown the least wear, which is very pleasing indeed.”

Thomas Witter who farm in North Lincolnshire agreed.

“We’ve used Agricast’s GLX points on 140ha and the point and wings are still in very good condition,” he said. “They’ve surpassed any expectations we had and are fantastic value for money, especially when you compare them to some OEM points we used – they only did 40ha and were totally worn!”

Before the GLX point, Agricast’s fastest-selling new product was its High Strength Wheel, a 24-inch, eight-spoke design that’s significantly more robust than its traditional counterparts. Agricast sold 1,000 wheels in 11 months and has since introduced 18- and 22-inch versions.

Established in 1987 and based on the family’s Lincolnshire farm, Agricast is a leading Cambridge roll ring specialist and also supplies a wide range of press rings, disc blades and subsoiler wear parts. The company also offers bespoke alterations and fabrication services.