The 3.0m Kuhn Venta 320 is designed for tractors from 120hp to 150hp
The 3.0m Kuhn Venta 320 is designed for tractors from 120hp to 150hp.

Kuhn has added a new lighter weight and compact drill to its Venta range of pneumatic seeders. Available initially as the 3.0m Venta 320, this new 100 series machine is designed for tractors in the 120hp to 150hp range. With an 850-litre hopper as standard, the drill has the option of an extension that increases capacity to 1,150 litres.

The Venta 320 can be used in combination with Kuhn’s HRB 302, HRB 303 or HR 304 power harrows. In combination, the seed drill is mounted on the power harrow frame, with the seeding bar guided by the roller frame. This means seeding depth is independent of the working depth of the power harrow and excellent ground following is maintained. Centralised adjustment of depth and pressure makes machine set-up simple and easy.

The seed bar comprises 20 or 24 rows of single-disc elements, each with an internal cast iron coulter positioned at the front of the disc. This proven concept provides constant cleaning of the disc while ensuring precise placement of seed in the furrow. Seeding unit pressure of up to 32kg is applied.

The seed blower on the Venta 320 is driven by the tractor hydraulic circuit and is therefore independent of the PTO driving the power harrow. Improved fan design on this drill, with turbine rotation optimised in line with seed size, results in oil requirement being reduced from 35 lit/min down to 26 lit/min.

Electrically powered volumetric metering on the drill helps to facilitate a wide operating range of between 1.5 to 430kg/ha and ensures all seed sizes are handled with precision. With the QS2 control unit, seed rate can be adjusted from the tractor cab. Calibration is easily accessible and simple to carry out.

The Venta 320 has a spacious loading platform that provides safe access to the hopper from the side. A covering harrow with universal tines is fitted as standard, and the basic model comes with integral lighting and signalling kit.