Horsch: Exact stubble cultivation with the Joker 3 CT

ByWniF editors

Oct 23, 2021
The Horsch Joker 3 mounted cultivator has been updated for 2022
The Horsch Joker 3 mounted cultivator has been updated for 2022.

The strength of the Horsch Joker CT is the intensive incorporation of harvest residues, the germination stimulation of volunteer crops and reducing moisture loss.

High amounts of straw and lush catch-crop populations require a machine with high clearance. This is where the Joker CT can score due to its design with two discs per coulter arm. The machine is highly efficient as operational speeds up to 20km/hr are possible. The horsepower requirement is low.

The latest Joker CT has been equipped with new disc holders with an optimised disc angle that has already been introduced successfully in the Joker RT. Thus, the surface quality of the cultivation can be improved further and a very even work result can be achieved.

In addition, the slight inclination of the disc guarantees that capillaries in the soil are broken over the whole working width when working shallowly. This reduces traction and, in dry years, saves available water.

Other details of the Joker CT update include a new edge disc to maintain a precise contact to the previous track, especially on the headlands and on field borders, and an additional weight for the middle frame than can easily be mounted and removed to be able to apply optimum ballast to the machine in heavy, dry conditions.

The Joker CT is also available as slurry version in 6.0m and 7.0m working width. Depth control is only carried out via the front support wheels and the machine isn’t equipped with a packer. Due to its low weight and the extremely stable frame construction this version of the Joker CT is ideal for being attached to trailed or self-propelled slurry tankers. The open design of the disc section, as well as driving without a packer, allow for working without clogging even with high application rates and in wet conditions.