Drone Ag: Latest software supports VR and plant counting

ByGraeme Kirk

Oct 19, 2021
The latest version of Drone Ag's Skippy Scout software supports 360-degree  VR views of the field
The latest version of Drone Ag’s Skippy Scout software supports 360-degree VR views of the field.

Drone Ag has developed new functionality for its mobile app Skippy Scout including 360-degree field imaging with virtual reality (VR) compatibility and plant counting.

“Using VR offers a unique opportunity to see what the drone sees and understand how the technology works,” Drone Ag founder Jack Wrangham said. “The new software will enable users to see a whole field with a bird’s eye view.”

Rather than only viewing individual scouting points, the new Scout Spheres interface offers high-resolution overviews of entire fields combined with the ability to inspect leaf-level scout point data.

“We’re the only provider to offer users a drone-enabled, full field overview that includes the ability to focus on any area of the field and choose where to inspect at leaf-level,” Mr Wrangham added.

Skippy Scout is capable of counting emerging plants 20 times faster than walking the crop. It can count cereals, OSR, soybeans, beans, peas, and potatoes, offering an accurate total of plants in an image, as well as the number of plants per square metre.

“This development will enable existing and new users of Skippy to count emerging plants and then monitor the same fields to establish an accurate green area index (GAI) as the crop develops,” Mr Wrangham said.

The new 2.6 version of Skippy also features terrain-aware route planning that halves flight times to maximise battery life and offers users the fastest scouting technology.

“The amount of time being saved will enable farmers to concentrate on the problem rather than spend all their time finding it, only to discover they’re too late to make a difference,” Mr Wrangham added.