The Agrivi and SpaceSense collaberation will deliver the most accurate prescription maps yet for precision farming
The Agrivi and SpaceSense collaberation will deliver the most accurate prescription maps yet for precision farming.

Farm management solutions company Agrivi has announced a commercial partnership with SpaceSense, a space and ag-tech company specialised in satellite imagery analytics.

The collaboration focuses on providing high-quality prescription maps to growers and agronomists to enhance timely data-driven decisions and help farmers to optimise their agronomic practises to achieve higher efficiency and better crop quality.

Agrivi is a global leader in providing digital ag-tech solutions and is on a mission to help farmers and key industry stakeholders to reach economically and environmentally sustainable food production. Its vision is to change the way food is produced globally, impacting more than a billion people.

SpaceSense, meanwhile, is a French space and agtech company that specialise in providing advanced satellite data to digital agriculture service providers. The company provides information on crop health, soil moisture and farming practices. It recently unveiled a new ‘VRA Zoning Tool’ that enables its customers to build complex variable-rate applications. This includes multi-layered fertiliser prescriptions maps, seeding maps, irrigation management zone identification and more.

The companies joined forces to provide more capabilities and flexibility to Agrivi’s customers in their daily farming operations. Directly integrated in Agrivi’s platform, SpaceSense’s VRA Zoning Tool allows users to mix satellite vegetation indices, yield maps, soil maps and other agronomic data layers into one single prescription map. This method provides the best of both worlds: the regularity and precision of satellite imagery with the reliability and historical information of ground field information. The result is a prescription map more accurate and robust than most solutions on the market.

“Easy to use, fully integrated prescription maps are instrumental in our efforts to build up a turn-key platform which will empower farmers and food companies to reach more accurate data-driven decisions for their field operations as well as achieving significant cost savings on input application, improved yields and sustainable production practises,” the CEO and founder of Agrivi, Matija Žulj, said. “We identified Spacesense as the ideal partner in this endeavour,”

Through the new partnership, both companies look to increase the value delivered to customers and additionally support Agrivi’s global customer base.

“The combination of information is key in precision agriculture,” the co-founder of SpaceSense, Sami Yacoubi, saisd. “By offering such solutions that mix several different sources, we aim to increase the quality of information delivered to the farmer and help develop a solid trust into satellite imagery technology that’s going to play a larger role in agriculture in the years to come.” |