John Deere: New Gator snow blades and grit spreaders

The new 1.82m Western Impact snow blade for the John Deere Gator
The new 1.82m Western Impact snow blade for the John Deere Gator.

John Deere and Douglas Dynamics, the parent company of US brands such as Western, Fisher and SnowEx, have entered into an allied partnership agreement for the Western Products range of snow and ice removal solutions for utility vehicles.

Based at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Western Products is the leading manufacturer of snow and ice control products. It offers a variety of front-mounted blades plus hopper and tailgate-mounted sand and salt spreaders, along with a wide selection of performance-enhancing snow plough and spreader accessories and parts.

A V-blade is also available for the Gator and is also 1.82m wide
A 1.82m V-blade is also available for Deere’s Gator.

All Western products can be installed quickly and easily on John Deere’s range of Gator utility vehicles. There’s a choice of 1.82m straight and V-blade snow plough models with hydraulic or winch lift, and each comes with replaceable cutting edges and plough markers.

The hydraulic blades feature an in-cab joystick control for lifting and angling, and optional accessories include plough shoes, rubber deflectors or poly cutting edges.

Alongside the snow blades, Western’s stainless steel spreaders feature variable material flow rates with in-cab speed controls. These include a 340kg capacity hopper unit with a spread width of up to 9.0m, and two drop spreaders with capacities of 90 or 217kg, fitted plastic covers and adjustable spread pattern widths of 76, 83 or 91cm. |