Horsch: New working widths and equipment for the Transformer VF

ByWniF editors

Sep 24, 2021
The 6m Horsch Transformer VF hoe
The 6m Horsch Transformer VF hoe.

Highlights of the Horsch Transformer VF (Variable Frame) are its fully integrated side slide frame and precise control via a camera system. Moreover, it is highly variable due to parallelogram-controlled tools.

A special characteristic of the Transformer VF is the short design of the machine. The side slide unit that’s completely integrated into the main frame has a range of 450mm to follow the rows in a targeted way. The compact design helps to save lifting power and allows for working with smaller tractors. In addition, it facilitates working on slopes as the space between the rear axle of the tractor, the side control of the Transformer VF and the hoeing tools is extremely small and, thus, guarantees maximum directional stability.

Another feature is the variability of the Transformer VF. The frame with an inside clamping profile allows for attaching tools at any spot and thus to handle all required row spacings in an optimum way.

The Transformer VF is available with working widths from 6.0 to 18m. The frame sizes 9.0m and 18m are new. The 9.0m and 12m versions can also operate at a working width of 6.0m and 8.0m respectively. The cylinders of the 180-degree folding mechanism are located in the frame to protect them from being damaged. Moreover, the frame height of 660mm allows for using the Transformer quite late in high crops.

The 12m version of the Horsch Transformer VF
The 12m version of the Horsch Transformer VF.

The parallelogram guarantees different row spacings that are, after this update, also available with a spacing of 15cm and 30cm. In total, the Transformer VF can cover row spacings from 15cm to 80cm. The working width can be adjusted easily in steps without any tools. Additional tools like crop protection washers and crop protection plates protect the plants during the early growing stages. The finger hoe and the hilling plates for example are used for weed management in the row.

With regard to the camera equipment, Horsch relies on well-proven technology. The changeable working mode allows for switching between a colour-dependent 2D row detection and colour-independent 3D row detection. The range of use is thus rather large and the system can even detect small plants as of 2cm.

The equipment’s RowLift (Section Control) technology, among others, guarantees a constant work quality across the whole field and also takes some workload off the driver. Moreover, overlapping and gaps on the headlands are a reduced to a minimum. Double-acting lifting cylinders are available for the parallelograms as an option. This allows for an even higher coulter pressure that can be adjusted while driving.

As an option the coulter of the Transformer VF is also available as a carbide coated version that results in a longer service life of the machine or with a following harrow after every parallelogram. The asymmetrical layout of the hoeing unit allows for alternative track widths on the Transformer 6 VF. Moreover, two cameras can be mounted additionally – one at the left and one at the right side – to benefit from an automatic camera control even in difficult conditions. The customer can also choose a lighting kit for the camera that facilitates working in unfavourable light.