Horsch: Leeb CS sprayer is the brand’s first mounted sprayer

The Leeb CS is Horsch's first mounted sprayer
The Leeb CS is Horsch’s first mounted sprayer.

Horsch’s newly developed Leeb CS marks the entry of the company into the into the mounted sprayer market segment. The new unit will be of particular interest to customers who haven’t been attracted by trailed sprayers and large self-propelled sprayers so far, and who’re looking for a more compact solution.

The Leeb CS uses well-proven technology from existing trailed models, but adapted to the different requirements of customers. CS stands for Compact Sprayer, and this is exactly what the machine achieves, making it a manoeuvrable unit that’s ideally suited for smaller fields.

The Horsch Leeb CS is available in three tank sizes – 1,400, 1,800 and 2,200 litres
The Horsch Leeb CS is available in three tank sizes – 1,400, 1,800 and 2,200 litres.

Due to outstanding technical innovations like the active boom control system, BoomControl, and a lot of customer-specific options, Horsch can offer each farmer a product that’s optimally equipped for his specific requirements. Active boom control is unique to Horsch in this market sector, moreover other components like the continuous inside cleaning system, CCS Pro, the induction tank and other well-known features have been taken from the company’s trailed crop care sprayers.

The 25cm nozzle layout that’s now widely used is also available for the new Leeb CS. With a maximum tank capacity of 2,200 litres and an optimised centre of gravity, the sprayer meets the requirements of customers seeking the highest possible coverage and innovative technology in the mounted sprayer sector.

Safer, simpler and faster are the basic seign features of the Leeb CS. These characteristics are mainly reflected in the usability. The linkage of the very compact machine is carried out comfortably and quickly due to a newly developed coupling triangle and a completely hydraulic drive for the pumps. All functions are controlled via the Horsch user interface already used on the Leeb LT/GS.

The new CS models are launched with three different tank sizes – 1,400, 1,800 and 2,200 litres – and thus provide maximum efficiency. An additional front tank will be available soon.