Case IH: Continental TractorMaster tyres approved

Continental's TyreMaster tyres are now an approved OEM fitment to Case IH tractors
Continental’s TyreMaster tyres are now an approved OEM fitment to Case IH tractors.

Case IH Vestrum, Maxxum and Puma tractor series are now available with Continental TractorMaster and TractorMaster VF tyres.

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnership is the fourth Continental has secured since relaunching its agricultural tyre range in 2017.

“It started with approvals from John Deere and Fendt, then Valtra and now Case,” Continentals’ UK agricultural tyre specialist Richard Hutchins said.

The OEM approval means Continental TractorMaster tyres are included in the price lists, enabling customers to specify Continental tyres for their Case IH tractor.

“TractorMaster tyres feature unique N.flex technology and have our d.fine lug design that both help to provide greater resilience in the field and improved ride comfort on the road,” Mr Hutchins added.

VF technology is growing in popularity because the tyre enables the vehicle to carry 40 per cent more load than a standard tyre at the same pressure. Alternatively, in the field, the pressure of VF tyres can be reduced by 40 per cent compared to standard tyres, even when carrying the same load.

“TractorMaster VF tyres offer operational efficiencies, reduce fuel consumption, and spread the weight of the vehicle across a larger surface area to help reduce soil compaction,” Mr Hutchins said.