Pöttinger's new TineCare constant pressure hoe
Pöttinger’s new TineCare constant pressure hoe.

Pöttinger has always been up to speed with optimising production methods in farming, so the company now offers rotary hoes, constant pressure hoes and vario hoes to cover the mechanical crop care segment.

For decades, increasing yields have been ensured and achieved by using chemical crop protection. However, due to the increasing resistance of harmful organisms and the use of integrated plant protection, conventional thinking is evolving. Furthermore, consumer acceptance of chemical pesticides is declining, and new health and environmental goals require a sharp reduction in their usage.

Pöttinger has accepted these challenges and now includes crop care machines for mechanical weed control in its product range for sustainable, crop-specific and site-specific plant protection, as well as many other applications. This addresses the requirements of both organic and conventional farmers alike.

The Pöttinger RotoCare rotary hoe is used at 10 to 30 km/hr
The Pöttinger RotoCare rotary hoe is used at 10 to 30 km/hr.

The new RotoCare rotary hoe conserves the crop and is row-independent while delivering maximum output and low wear. In addition to its advantages for mechanical weed control, this machine is equipped for a wide range of other applications such as breaking up incrustations, incorporating fertiliser, aerating grassland and also for shallow stubble cultivation. With working widths between 6.6m and 12.4metres, driving speeds of 10km/hr to 30km/hr and low pulling power requirements, the required tasks are completed promptly and cost-effectively.

The new TineCare constant pressure hoe combines the best working results with the highest output. In addition to a patented compression spring system and large depth control wheels, the machine has a high-strength frame with optimum weight distribution. This combination ensures consistently high-quality working results right up to the outermost tine. A quick-change tine system minimises downtime. Working widths of 6.2m to 12.2m enable maximum outputs for the highest performance and efficiency.

Pöttinger's FlexCare vario hoe offers full flexibility for working in a variety of crops
Pöttinger’s FlexCare vario hoe offers full flexibility for working in a variety of crops.

Thanks to its unique design, the new FlexCare vario hoe from Pöttinger offers fully flexible working in a variety of crops. The row spacing, the working width of the hoe elements and the fine adjustments of the finger hoe are completely adjustable without the need for tools.

The machine features precise depth control and crop-conserving operation. In conjunction with the hydraulic shift frame, optional implement steering using a camera is available for even more precise work. The vario hoes are available with working widths of 4.7m to 9.0m.

Pöttinger says these flexible and efficient machines offer clear user benefits and are in demand from farms adopting mechanical crop care. Straightforward operation, high output, reliability and durability are benefits delivered by this new range of machines for sustainable and environmentally friendly production.