Oliver Wood is precision technology manager at Hutchinsons
Oliver Wood is precision technology manager at Hutchinsons.

Building on its core promise to lead the way in establishing compatibility between precision software platforms and in-field machines, Omnia has now teamed up with the Claas API to provide users with the ability to seamlessly transfer prescriptive data files between the two systems.

This will provide users of Omnia and the Claas API with a much more efficient and faster means of transferring prescriptive data between the two systems, taking away the need to manually move data from one machine to another.

Back in 2019, Omnia and Claas Telematics developed the capability to transfer yield mapping data between the two systems. This latest development takes this compatibility much further; Omnia users can now seamlessly send prescriptive files straight into the Claas API that was developed specifically to provide an interface between Telematics and third-party farm management information systems.

Omnia is the first, and currently only, precision software platform in the UK to have this link-up with the Claas API to send prescription files. This feature is compatible with the new Claas Cemis 1200 terminal launched in summer 2021.

“Once the link is established, the system syncs yield data automatically over night, every night,” the precision technology manager at Hutchinsons, the company behind Omnia, Oliver wood, said. “This allows the user to spend more time looking at how the data is being used to improve farm productivity, rather than the physical transfer of the data.

“For prescription files the sync happens instantly. As soon as you send a task from Omnia it is available on the Cemis 1200 terminal.”

During the past two years, similar collaborations between Omnia with MyJohnDeere, Muddy Boots and more recently Bayer’s Fieldview have been welcomed by the industry.

“When we launched Omnia we set out to lead the way in improving the connectivity between systems for the transfer of data using cloud computer systems, and I’m delighted that we have been able to do this and make this available for UK growers to use this harvest,” Mr Wood added.

Claas UK’s smart farming product manager, Edward Miller, said direct synchronisation of harvest data from Claas Telematics to Omnia had made the company’s customers more productive by freeing up time previously used downloading and uploading data.

“With the new API, transferring prescription maps to our new Cemis 1200 terminal is now easier than ever,” he added. “There’s no need to visit the machine with a USB stick anymore.”