Claas' new flagship Trion 750 Terra Trac combine
Claas’ new flagship Trion 750 Terra Trac combine.

The introduction of Claas’ new Trion combines marks the completion of the final stage in the total replacement of its combine range that started with the introduction of the new generation Lexion 8000/7000 combines in 2019. The Trion is a completely new range, with a total of 20 models available including not only conventional five- and six-straw walker machines, but also single and twin rotor hybrids, plus Terra Trac and Montana hillside versions.

The wide range of farms, crops and climates in which Claas combines work around the world, mean that combines of this size have to be versatile. This is reflected in the extensive range of variants, features and options to ensure that the new Trion provides customers, whether they be a small mixed arable farm looking for a simple, straightforward machine or a large arable unit looking for a more technically advanced combine to maximise output, with a Trion model that can be specified to truly fit any farm.

While at its heart the new Trion relies on well proven Claas straw-walker and hybrid threshing technology, it also incorporates many features that set completely new performance standards on combines of this size. Several key new features set it apart:

  • extensive range of 20 models available;
  • range of threshing systems available: straw walker, single rotor hybrid and twin-rotor hybrid;
  • massive separation area for high-capacity threshing;
  • Jet Stream standard across all models;
  • new Cummins engines that provide optimum power for the size of combine;
  • wide availability of wheeled, tracked Terra Trac and Montana hillside models;
  • new design of Claas cab that brings higher cab comfort standards;
  • tank capacities that set a new standard for this size of combine;
  • extensive range of chopping options.
A cutaway of the new Claas Trion 750 Terra Trac. The range marks the complete renewal of the brand's combine offering
A cutaway of the new Claas Trion 750 Terra Trac. The range marks the complete renewal of the brand’s combine offering.

Within the 20 models available, the base Trion range comprises of two 500-range five-straw walker models, three 600 range six-straw walker models, including the Trion 640 that provides a new entry point into the six-straw walker market, and three 700-range hybrid models, of which two have a single rotor and one has twin rotors.

Common to all Trion models is the well-proven APS primary threshing system designed to thresh out up to 90 per cent of grains, leaving just the harder-to-thresh grains for the secondary separation system. For greater throughput capacity, Trion 500 and 700 range machines are fitted with a 1,420mm wide threshing system, increasing to 1,700mm for Trion 600 models. These are wider than on previous Tucano models, which were either 1,320mm or 1,580mm.

For the Trion, the APS system comprises of a 450mm diameter accelerator and a 600mm diameter closed threshing drum, which again is some 33 per cent larger than the threshing drum on the Tucano. As a result, the concave area is also greater, with the concave on Trion 600 models being 31 per cent larger than on the Tucano 450, and the concave on Trion 700 models nine per cent bigger than on the Tucano 580. The front concaves are interchangeable and the speed of all three drums is synchronised and adjusted using Cebis, which is also used for adjusting the concaves, which are also synchronised.

To keep maintenance downtime to a minimum, the completely redesigned and less complex drive system for the Trion means that there are now six less belts on hybrid models and three less on straw walker machines compared to the previous Tucano range. As on the new Lexion, the drive system is based on that used in the Jaguar self-propelled forager, which ensures a more positive, smooth engagement of the threshing and auger systems.

An unprecedented six models in the new Claas Trion range are available with the Terra Trac system
Six models in the new Claas Trion range are available with the Terra Trac system.

All five- and six-straw walker Trion 500 and 600 models come as standard with the well proven Claas Multifinger Separation System (MSS) which evenly fluffs the straw for greater separation efficiency, especially in difficult conditions. The straw walkers use an open walker design and are 4.4m long with four steps. The total separation area for Trion 500 models is 6.25 square metres rising to 7.48m square metres for the Trion 600, which is a considerable increase on the Tucano and the largest of any combines of these sizes on the market.

Trion 730/720 Hybrid models come with a single 4.2m long and 570mm diameter rotor with six grates, while the larger Trion 750 has twin 4.2m long and 445mm diameter rotors with five grates. A new feature for combines this size is the hydraulic adjustment of four rotor flap “bomb doors” and rotor speed is infinitely adjusted independently of the APS system using Cebis.

Another new feature on Claas combines of this size is the extremely efficient Jet Stream cleaning system using six or eight turbine fans, meaning this is now used across the complete Claas range.

Trion 600/500 models have the option of 3D sieves with 4D sieves also available on Trion 700 models. Other options also include Auto Sloe fan speed adjustment, Cruise Pilot, Auto Crop Flow and either Cemos Dialog or full Cemos Automatic.

The Trion 530 Montana offers slope compensation of up to 18%, or for both lateral and longitudinal compensation of up to six per cent when the optional Multi Contour is ordered
The Trion 530 Montana offers slope compensation of up to 18 per cent.

Power for the Trion range comes from 8.9 or 6.7 litre Cummins six-cylinder Stage V engines. These have been chosen not only on account of the optimum range of power outputs for across the whole Trion range, but also due to their ideal weight, the level of engine technology they provided, the fact that they are an ideal size for the combine and their layout means that they are easy to access and maintain.

As standard, all Trion models come with Dynamic Power, which by reducing engine power output when not under load, for instance when unloading, can cut fuel costs by about 10 per cent. The rated engine speed is just 1,900rpm dropping to 1,650 for road travel, so further helping to save fuel.

No two farms are the same and topography can vary considerably. To accommodate this an unprecedented six Trion models are available with either Terra Trac crawler tracks or Montana hillside compensation.

As farmers pay more attention to the care of their soils, to meet customer demand for tracks on smaller combines, Terra Trac is now available on the five-straw walker Trion 530, making this the first Claas combine this size to have this option. The Terra Trac system used for the Trion is similar to the third-generation Terra Trac system on the Lexion, with full suspension and a road speed of 30km/hr.

The Trion 530 is also the start point for versions with Montana hillside slope compensation, which again has been extended to more models than previously. Buyers can opt for having just lateral slope compensation of up to 18 per cent, or for both lateral and longitudinal compensation of up to six per cent when the optional Multi Contour is ordered. Power Trac all-wheel drive is also an option on all Montana models.

Greater operator comfort is ensured in the new design of cab that’s fitted to the Trion range. Its spacious design has both more leg and head room. The larger windscreen and narrower A-pillars give the operator excellent visibility over the cutterbar. Features include new seats that can swivel 30 degrees each way and footrests to ensure a comfortable seating position.

The completely new Claas Trion cab
The completely new Claas Trion cab.

The 12-inch Cebis touchscreen colour monitor is easily adjusted independently of the armrest. As previously, in addition to using the Cebis touchscreen, all the main combine functions can also be activated using buttons on the armrest. The Cebis terminal also now accommodates the controls for Cemos Dialog and Cemos Automatic when fitted.

Four automatic steering systems are available for the Trion: Laser Pilot on the cutterbar; the cab-mounted Field Scanner; Auto Pilot on maize headers; or the satellite-based GPS Pilot that’s controlled using the new Cemis 1200 terminal.

High-capacity combines need high-capacity tanks, and here again the Trion sets a new standard for this size of combine. Tank sizes range for 8,000 litres on the Trion 520 up to a class-leading 12,000 litres on the Trion 750. The unloading auger swings through 105 degrees for easy visibility and unloading rates range from 90 to 130 lit/sec.

A new option is the availability of a pivoting spout, controlled using the CMotion control lever. Being able to adjust the throw of grain from the spout will be particularly useful when working on side-hills or with deeper trailers.

Turning to the back of the combine, again there is a wide selection of straw-chopper options to meet every need, from a standard mechanically controlled chopper through to the advanced electronically controlled radial power spreader chopping system with deflectors for wind compensation.

The new Claas Trion range starts with the 520 model
The new Claas Trion range starts with the 258hp 520 model.

In addition to the Standard Cut chopping unit, which on narrow-body Trion 700 and 400 models has 52 knives and 64 knives on the Trion 600, there’s the option of the Special Cut chopper with 72 or 88 knives respectively.

The new Trion can be used with the full range of Cerio or the new Vario range of auger type cutterbars, plus the Convio and Convio Flex draper type cutterbars, in widths up to 12m. As standard, the Trion comes with automatic cutterbar detection, so will always know what cutterbar is fitted and the settings previously used.

The 2022 Trion models:

Trion Primary separation


Max engine output (hp)

Grain tank (lit)

520 APS
• 1,420mm channel width
• 450mm pre-accelerator
• 600mm threshing drum

5 straw walkers





9,000 (10,500*)

530 Montana
530 Terra Trac
640 APS
• 1,700mm channel width
• 450mm pre-accelerator
• 600mm threshing drum

6 straw walkers






650 Montana
650 Terra Trac


660 Montana


660 Terra Trac


720 APS
• 1,420mm channel width
• 450mm pre-accelerator
• 600mm threshing drum

Roto Plus single rotor



720 Montana


720 Terra Trac




730 Montana



730 Terra Trac


750 APS
• 1,420mm channel width
• 450mm pre-accelerator
• 600mm threshing drum

Roto Plus twin rotor



750 Montana


750 Terra Trac