The Godé PMG Fiber Control.
The Godé PMG Fiber Control.

The PMG Fiber Control calculator developed by Godé SAS allows 1,000 grains to be counted and weighed in just five minutes, with a guaranteed precision of 0.3 per cent on the number and 0.2 per cent on the weight.

The new machine, which features an integrated scale and drop-down touch screen, uses fibre optics to count the grains. It also comes with an integrated seeding simulator that makes it easy to find the optimal seeed rate for every variety.

The PMG Fiber Control has been designed for use with home-grown crops to be used for seed, and will operate with any cultivated species whose grain diameter is between 2.5mm and 9.0mm. Its launch price is less than 400 euros and it comes with a three-year warranty.

The unit’s dimensions are a compact 25cm x 15cm and it weighs 2kg. It’s provided in a protective case and works from the mains electricity supply. The choice of components used in its contruction means it is robust and reliable.

The PMG Fiber Control has a vibrating, rotating bowl that helps align the grains before they drop individually in front of an optical beam produced by fibre optics that calculate the number of grains. The operator is able to follows the “live” count on the screen, and can even interrupt the count as soon as the displayed thousand grain weight stabilises.

The screen includes a sowing simulator that reports the weight of seed required in kg/ha that can be uswd when setting up the seed drill. The Godé PMG thus drastically limits risks of the many errors that can occur when calculating thousand grain weights.