The top-of-the range Boomer 55 offers 57hp in its new Stage V format
The top-of-the-range Boomer 55 offers 57hp in its new Stage V format.

New Holland has launched its new Stage V-compliant Boomer tractor range, which packs a bigger performance while maintaining its compact size. New features further improve the tractors’ efficiency and operator comfort.

The Boomer range has been extended with two new Class 3 models, the 47hp Boomer 45 and the 57 hp Boomer 55, so that it covers the power segment close to 60hp. The more powerful offering further increases the Boomer’s versatility, as they can take on with greater ease the most demanding operations typical of this range – from mowing to transport, and other duties such as light tillage, sweeping and snow clearance.

Stage V New Holland 2021 Boomer line-up:


Boomer 25 C

Boomer 25

Boomer 35

Boomer 40

Boomer 45

Boomer 50

Boomer 55

















The 2021 Stage V Boomer range has seven models
The 2021 Stage V Boomer range has seven models.

All Class 2 and Class 3 models are now available with the high-comfort Boomer Suite that offers outstanding visibility and ergonomic controls. The renewed dashboard features a new vehicle speed LCD readout shown on the instrument panel, which facilitates operation.

The new Boomer range also enhances operator comfort and reduces fatigue with a host of features. On models with hydrostatic transmission, they include the standard Cruise Control. Class 3 cab models featuring this transmission also offer the new Servo Hydraulic Assist option, which reduces the effort required to operate the pedal to a minimum.

The Boomer 25C rated at 24hp sits at the bottom of the new range
The Boomer 25C rated at 24hp sits at the bottom of the new range.

Models with hydrostatic transmission are now available with the EZ Speed function, which coordinates the forward hydrostatic pedal and engine speed, resulting in greater efficiency and versatility. When the operator activates it and the hand throttle is in the low position, the engine will speed up when the hydrostatic pedal is pushed. This ensures they have the right engine speed and the right ground speed available whenever they need it.

This is very useful in applications where, for example, the operator wishes to maintain a low noise level when the tractor is stopped and increase engine speed only when the tractor begins to move. The function can also be deactivated, enabling the operator to manage independently the hand throttle lever and hydrostatic pedal in PTO applications where they need to maintain a specific engine speed to in order to ensure the required PTO speed.

A new Auto PTO feature, easy to activate with a switch, automatically turns off the PTO when the three-point hitch is raised and re-engages when it’s lowered. This not only enhances the operator’s comfort, but also reduces fatigue and speeds up work in applications where the rear lift needs to be raised and lowered frequently, resulting in higher productivity.

Cab and ROPS models are available for all but the smallest Stage V Boomers
Cab and ROPS models are available for all but the smallest Stage V Boomers.

The new three-cylinder turbocharged engines featuring common-rail direct injection technology deliver a powerful performance, with outstanding torque back-up that reaches 188Nm @ 1,600 rpm in the Boomer 55 model at the top of the range. The larger radiator and cooling fan further enhance the engine’s efficiency. The after-treatment system has a new Continuously Regenerating Trap, which includes a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter. Together, the engine and after-treatment system achieve Stage V compliance with exceptional fuel efficiency.

The new Boomer range introduces a host of features that improve its fuel efficiency, such as the availability of the 540E PTO setting in the Class 3 models that ensures PTO speed never exceeds the rpm target by more than 10 per cent, keeping consumption down.

The Boomer’s high versatility in all applications is supported by the extensive choice of tyres, which includes agriculture, industrial, and wide, high flotation tyres for turf.