Lemken has introuduced its new OptiStone overload protection system
Lemken has introuduced its new OptiStone overload protection system.

Lemken has launched the new OptiStone automatic overload protection for its Juwel, Diamant and Titan ploughs.

At the heart of OptiStone is a closed system of highly stable leg plates that’s reliably protected against dirt and foreign objects. A newly designed swivel bracket ensures high lateral tripping forces and optimal plough control in stony soils.

When an obstacle is encountered, the new overload element simultaneously deflects up to 37cm upwards and 20cm to the side. This provides for a sufficiently large range of deflection to ensure consistently disruption-free work, even with deep ploughing.

The tripping forces can be continuously adjusted from the comfort of the driver’s seat to adapt to changing soil conditions. If the system catches below a slab of stone or roots, it’s additionally protected by a double-cut shear bolt to prevent damage to the plough.

OptiStone overload protection features high-strength radial spherical plain bearings to keep the plough bodies stable as the system deflects. The plough bodies are firmly connected to the three-dimensional bearing points and therefore can’t unhitch – a clear advantage compared to the overload protection systems with four-point suspension commonly found on the market. The radial spherical plain bearing is durable, reliable and easily accessible for convenient maintenance.

The new OptiStone overload protection is available now.