The robust and durable new compact front box from JF Hudson
The robust and durable new compact front box from JF Hudson.

Lack of storage in the tractor cab can be an issue for operators, but JF Hudson has come up with a practical means to solve the problem and ensure farmers have what they need on hand. The company has built a new range of Compact Front Boxes as an agricultural storage solution that attaches to the front linkage of a tractor when the arms are folded up.

The front-mounted boxes can carry and protect all the tools and equipment you need out in the field. They offer a large and secure space to store a wide variety of essentials from grease guns and baler string, to fuel and oil, to water and seed.

The North-Yorkshire based manufacturer and machinery dealer constructed the boxes after being approached by a customer struggling with the lack of storage space within the confines of his tractor.

“He needed somewhere to keep a decent set of tools with him,” owner and managing director James Hudson said. “On the average tractor there aren’t that many places for storage. People want to be able to take with them what they use or have somewhere to keep spares close by. We designed the boxes so farmers can do that.”

The operator’s safety is a key factor taken into consideration in the design of the boxes. The low-profile design provides excellent stability and a good line of sight. The front linkage, when folded-up, ensures the box is kept as close to the tractor as possible to prevent it from sticking out and obscuring vision, a particular potential danger pulling out of fields and gate posts.

With contents safely stowed away in the enclosed box, this also removes the danger of flying objects if a tractor rolls over.

“My brother was working as a silage contractor in Australia and his boss had a policy that nothing heavy or metal or sharp could be kept in the tractor so that if you rolled over it wouldn’t hit you and you end-up injured or worse,” Mr Hudon said. “You want things locked away, not stored loose.”

With the position of the front linkage varying between models, this posed a challenge for the company to set about tackling.

“The bracket angles to fit different tractors took a bit of sorting out,” Mr Hudson added. “Where the linkages are positioned varies because of where they pivot when they fold-up, but we have cracked it for most tractors.

“The other points to take into consideration is the lights. You don’t want the box catch what you are working on or the ground, so we made sure it sits higher than the lowest part of the tractor but lower than the lights.”

The Compact Front Boxes are available for any front tractor linkage and can be painted to suit the manufacturer’s colours. They’re available in a range of sizes starting from a 685mm wide toolbox to 1,250mm wide.

The robust and durable boxes are available in a range of four finishes – plastic, powder coated, aluminum or matt stainless steel. Boxes can be upgraded to include LED lights, steel locks, a spill box, water tank and soap dispenser among other choices. Optional extras also include a laser-cut nameplate or logo of the buyer’s choice (stainless steel or painted). Plus, an accompanying wheel-braked trolley for easy attachment, removal and storage of boxes.