Väderstad launched its Tempo L drill in 2017
Väderstad launched its Tempo L drill in 2017.

Swedish manufacturer Väderstad has passed the milestone of producing 1,000 of its high-precision Tempo L seed drill.

Launched in 2017, the Tempo L has a significant impact on world farming. It hit the world farming headlines the same year when it set a planting world record in Hungary, planting 502ha of maize in 24 hours at a speed of more than 20km/hr.

Väderstad’s patented PowerShoot technology enables the Tempo to deliver unparalleled precision, both in terms of the distance between every seed but also regarding the planting depth.

“The Tempo L has definitely pushed the limits regarding planting, capacity and precision,” Väderstad senior vice president for global sales and marketing, Mattias Hovnert, said. “Two months after the world record, Gödöllő University helped us analyse and measure 6,808 plants on the world record fields. The results were clear, there were minimal deviations in planting depth precision, doubles and skips.”

Väderstad produces about 5,500 machines in annually. These include the Tempo L, which is currently available with eight to 24 rows. From June 2021, the new Tempo L 32 will go into production. It’ll be the biggest Tempo planter yet with 32 rows and an operating width of 12m.