The new Kubota L1522 offers 55hp.
The new Kubota L1522 offers 55hp.

Kubota has launched two new ranges of compact tractors, building on the success achieved with its previous L1 and L2 series. Both updated ranges are now equipped with Kubota’s Stage V engines, and the exterior and interior designs have been refreshed giving a stylish new look.

The new Kubota L1 series compact tractors have been designed to be highly durable, easy to operate and simple to maintain.

There’s a choice of three-range HST hydrostatic transmission or a synchronised manual gearbox featuring eight forward/eight reverse gears. With the exception of the entry-level L1382, the L1 tractors are powered by four-cylinder 45hp, 51hp and 55hp Kubota Stage V diesel engines, which make them exceptionally clean-running. The L1382 uses a diesel particulate filter-equipped, three-cylinder, 38hp Kubota Stage V engine.

Kubota says one of the key advantages of its compact tractors is the spacious, comfortable design of the platform, and the L1 series is no exception with a folding rear ROPS frame and a height-adjustable steering wheel. The L1 series also features generous rear lifting capacity, with a maximum lift of 1,750kg.

Compact tractors in the L2 series feature an improved combination of comfort and efficiency.

The L2 range allows users to choose between three different engine outputs from 45 to 61hp, spacious and well-equipped cabin or ROPS versions, and a 16 forward/16 reverse mechanical or three-range hydrostatic transmission. The rear linkage lift capacity is 1,750kg.

Another key aspect of this latest L2 range is its user-focused design, an example of which is the one-piece engine cowling that can be fully opened, giving operators effortless access to all important service points and daily checks, in the engine compartment.

In addition, the front axle with bevel gear drive and the integrated power steering deliver agile manoeuvrability, suiting use in tight spaces.

Both L1 and L2 tractor ranges can be specified with Kubota front-end loaders offering even more versatility and expanding the range of tasks that can be performed.

Prices for the L1 models start at £15,549 (price correct at March 2021) for the L1382, while L2 models are priced from £22,126 for the L2452 ROPS version.

2021 Kubota L1 and L2 range:

Model Power (hp) Transmission Cab/ROPS
Kubota L1382 38 Mech 8×8 ROPS
Kubota L1382 38 HST three-range ROPS
Kubota L1452 45 HST three-range ROPS
Kubota L1522 51 Mech 8×8 ROPS
Kubota L1552 55 HST three-range ROPS
Kubota L2452 45 Mech 16×16 ROPS
Kubota L2452 45 HST three-range Cab
Kubota L2452 45 Mech 16×16 Cab
Kubota L2522 51 Mech 16×16 Cab
Kubota L2622 61 HST three-range Cab

Edited on April 1, 2021 to add the L1382 models, omitted from previous version.