The Kestrel 3550AG agricultural weather Meter.
The Kestrel 3550AG agricultural weather Meter.

The Kestrel 3550AG agricultural weather meter is now available from UK distributor Richard Paul Russell Ltd. The unit allows precise on-site wind, temperature and humidity awareness, and is claimed to be the key to avoiding spray drift liability and maximising application results.

The company says there’s no easier and more affordable tool for the job. With just your smartphone and the Bluetooth-enabled weather meter, users can capture critical weather data throughout their workday and anywhere on their operation.

The Kestrel 3550AG can help maximise effectiveness, minimise waste and avoid harmful off-target crop spray drift with the new portable, connected 3550AG meter for pesticide spraying applications.

The meter, wich costs £159 (correct at March 2021) fits in a pocket yet is equipped with factory-calibrated sensors to measure wind speed and direction, relative humidity and more. Dew Point and Delta T readouts help the applicator avoid wasteful spray evaporation in excessively dry conditions. Carrying a Kestrel in the spray equipment ensures readings can be taken exactly as recommended – at the field location and at the height of the spray boom. Weather data gathered miles away from the farm location and at 10m above ground – the meteorological norm – is in no way correct for on-site farm conditions.

Features include:

  • Minimum/maximum/average readings
  • Snapshot mode captures and saves all live measurements
  • Bluetooth mobile device connectivity and free Kestrel iOS and Android apps
  • Simple three-button operation
  • High-contrast, sunlight readable LCD display with backlight
  • Rugged design – IP67 waterproof and MIL-STD-810G drop-tested
  • Effortless record keeping and data export capabilities

The Kestrel 3550AG with Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to instantly capture and log accurate weather data with just one-click. The free iOS or Android Kestrel App allows the user to view, manage, save and export their captured data with just their smartphone for instant access and convenient reporting on spraying conditions.