The new Durastar narrow share from Pöttinger.

Pöttinger now offers the new Durastar narrow share for its soil-protecting and full-depth tillage equipment range. It’s available for the three- and four-gang Terria trailed stubble cultivators and the Synkro mounted stubble cultivator.

The new tool is 40mm wide. Its elongated shape takes over the function of the guide plate so that no separate guide plate is required for the narrow share.

With the narrow share, soil can be intensively loosened to a working depth of 35cm, which means that harmful compactions are broken up. These measures result in long-term improvement of the soil structure and root penetration. The Durastar model guarantees the long service times that customers have come to expect from Pöttinger machines and ensure effective work in the field.

The Durastar Plus duck foot share.

Pöttinger has also introduced the new Durastar Plus line to its duck foot share range.

The Durastar Plus duck foot features a highly wear-resistant cutting edge fitted with cemented carbide tips.

The Durastar PL Plus US duck foot shares are available for three- and four-gang Terria models as well as for three-gang Synkro 1030 stubble cultivators, and expected service time is 400 per cent compared to the Classic duck foot.