Metsjö’s new MetaQ 41 trailers can be fitted with tyres up to 71cm wide and remain road legal in the EU.

Swedish trailer manufacturer Metsjö has launched the smallest trailer yet in its MetaQ family. The new MetaQ 41 is built for high speeds (50-60km/hr) as standard, with a hydraulically sprung suspension with communicating vessel technology.

The trailer has a 4.1m long body and and a gross weight of 16t. The payload is about 13t, depending on the choice of body. It can be equipped with all the platforms/ bodies that fit Metsjö’s current MetaMid and MetaNo trailers, and bodioes can be swapped as required thanks to the MetaQ system.

A unique aspect of MetaQ 41 is that it can be equipped with very wide tyres. The standard equipment is 385/65R22.5 tyres, but this new trailer can take up to 710/35R22.5 tyres and remain only 2.55m wide – within legal widths in EU – something that’s unique in this size range of trailers.

Large wheels are an important component because it enables better access in terrain, reduces soil compaction, provides grip, aids the suspension and the wide wheelbase provides stability, which increases safety. The 710/35R22.5 tyres are 40 per cent wider wheels than could be fitted to the trailer’s predecessor – clear proof of the technical development.

Because the MetaQ 41 has hydraulic axle suspension, measurement of the load weight is possible. This information can be used to automatically adjust the braking force, and also used to show the driver the load being carried, either via a pressure guage or smartphone app.

The guiding principle for the development of the new model was has to build a trailer suitable for professional entrepreneurs and farmers who wanted a future-proof purchase suitable for higher speeds; tough environments; a good carrying capacity; a low center of gravity; and a low price point. The resulting trailer was in debelopment for three years and has been tested by customers during the past year.

It is the MetaQ 41’s patent-pending technical advances in chassis construction and axle mounting have enabled the construction of an affordable and robust trailer ready for high speeds. The trailer is almost completely constructed of high-strength steel and is based on a center frame, which in turn supports leaf springs and hydraulic cylinders connected by a communicating vessel system. It has whole axles from tyre to tyre, which means that the load weight is distributed more evenly than competing trailers. The advantage is that the load weight is distributed on four points instead of one, and in this way you get increased stability when tipping and driving, and a longer service life.

The hydraulic suspension means that the load and ground pressure are kept almost constant when driving over obstacles as oil flows from the lifted axle to the other axles, which keeps the trailer body flat, stable and provides good driving comfort. This technique also enables the entire trailer to be raised and lowered by 35cm (which is also the suspension clearance), which enables lowering down on the axle when tipping to achieve the lowest center of gravity. This gives the trailer an exceptionally low floor height as low as 1.12m with 710/35R22.5 tyres.

Optional equipment for the Metsjö MetaQ 41 include: higher tipping angle and tipping force; higher gross weight capacity; air brakes; ABS braking; combined air and hydraulic brakes; hydraulic support leg; LED lights; bogie lift; mud guards; toolbox; and a range of draw bars.