The new Kverneland System 300+ is the smallest conventional chassis model in the SelfLine 4.0 range.

The Kverneland Siloking self-propelled feeder range has been extended with the introduction of the System 300+ model in the SelfLine 4.0 range.

This new version represents the smallest SelfLine 4.0 conventional-chassis machine currently available from Kverneland, and is offered with four capacities – 19, 22, 25 and 27 cubic metres. It slots into the range between the 13 to 22 cubic metre rear-steer, tricycle-style Compact and Premium chassis models, and the larger System 500+ and System 1000+ models that span a range of capacities from 19 to 32 cubic metres.

Based on the proven System 500+ version, this smaller System 300+ models offers an air-suspended chassis with four-wheel steering and a 25km/hr road speed. Power comes from a 218hp Volvo engine, with 1,000-hour service intervals contributing to lower cost of ownership.

Equipped with a 2.0m wide milling head that supplies the mixing tub using a 700mm wide belt conveyor, the system 300+ boasts twin vertical augers with adjustable, hardened knives and an integral FlowPlus hopper ring to improve bale processing. Discharge options include a hydraulic cross-conveyor, and rear doors.

For the operator, the cab includes a seven-inch colour display showing machine functions including discharge door indicator, mixing speed and weighing data. Siloking’s programmable weighing system with feed management software is also included. A colour camera system with quad display offers connectivity of up to a maximum of four cameras, offering scope to watch feed discharge and tub mixing, for example, in addition to a standard rear-view.

The smaller System 300+ models offers an air-suspended chassis with four-wheel steering and a 25km/hr road speed.

Those regularly handling high volumes of straw can now opt for an integral straw chopper. Available across the SelfLine 4.0 range, this new development sits behind the milling head, and is activated by a push-button from the cab.

This hydraulically driven straw processor delivers a chop length from 2.0 to 4.0cm, helping to shorten mixing times when including straw within rations.

Dimensions of the System 300+ models include and overall height from 2.90 to 3.53m depending on body capacity; an overall width of 2.54m; and an overall length of 8.9 to 9.4m.

The list price of the System 300+ self-propelled feeder models start at £249,104 (correct at February 2021), for the 19 cubic metre model.