Kleber’s Topker agricultural tyres now feature IF technology.

Kleber has launched a new generation of its popular Topker agricultural tyre range featuring IF (improved flexion) technology for the first time. The Kleber Topker IF is specifically designed to improve grip, comfort and productivity for high-horsepower tractors delivering more than 200hp.

The new range – comprising five front sizes and six rear sizes – provides farmers and agricultural contractors with a high-quality IF tyre at a great value-for-money price.

Tyres with an IF rating benefit from a sidewall structure that’s more flexible – allowing operators to carry more load at the same pressure, or to run the same load at a lower pressure when compared to standard tyres of the same size.

Kleber’s customer engineering support manager, Gordon Brookes, said the Kleber Topker IF was a solution tailored to meet farmers’ needs at a time when modern day farm machinery is getting bigger and heavier.

“Being able to lower tyre inflation pressures means the impact on the ground is far less, reducing soil compaction and helping to improve yields,” he added.

The new tyres are designed for all-round use, meaning farmers and contractors can take advantage of the benefits they offer regardless of whether they run small crop farms or large-scale mixed operations.

“We’re also extending the range with four additional sizes to better equip both the front and rear axles of higher horsepower tractors,” Mr Brookes said.

The Kleber Topker IF’s new tread pattern maximises its contact with the ground.

The Kleber Topker IF benefits from a new tread pattern to maximise the tyre’s contact patch with the ground. The lug spacing ensures maximum grip, providing up to 15 per cent more traction than the standard Kleber Topker tyre.

Overlapping lugs help guarantee a smooth ride on the road and are strengthened to improve tread life and stability, while the inter-lug design improves the self-cleaning qualities of the tyres.

The new range is immediately available in four key sizes – IF 710/70R42, IF 600/70R30, IF 650/85R38 and IF 800/70R38. A further seven sizes are set to follow throughout 2021, with the range to include options for rims from 28 to 42 inches, with manufacturing taking place at plants at Troyes, France, and Valladolid, Spain.

The full Kleber agricultural line-up includes the Traker, Fitker and Gripker for tractors rated 80 to 200hp, and the Topker and Topker IF for heavier farm work with higher-horsepower machines. They’re available across the Michelin Exelagri dealer network.