JCB’s new TM420S offers 173hp and an optional 50km/hr top speed.

JCB is launching a new range of telescopic wheeled loaders claimed to set new performance standards with an industry-first 50km/hr, eight-speed powershift transmission and the industry’s most powerful engine in a machine of this type.

Both developments feature in the flagship model – the 173hp TM420S – in JCB’s Stage V telescopic wheeled loader line-up, along with a new cab that gives the operator outstanding visibility.

“This new range underscores JCB’s leading position in agricultural materials handling,” JCB Agriculture managing director John Smith said. “As tough, durable and highly manoeuvrable machines, the TM telescopic loaders have always been at the top of the popularity charts with farmers and agricultural contractors.

“Now they take a big leap forward with more power for all models, our unique eight-speed transmission with 50km/hr top speed potential and torque converter lock-up in all forward and reverse gears for the ultimate in power efficiency and high tractive effort.

“Combined with the outstanding visibility provided by the new cab and fuel-saving features from the latest JCB DieselMax engines, the performance, productivity and cost-efficiency of JCB telescopic loaders is taken to new heights.”

The two S models in JCB’s new telescopic wheeled loader range deliver lively performance and silage clamp climbing ability with an impressive power-to-weight ratio of around 17hp/t.

There are four models in the range, with new variants and performance upgrades throughout. Lift capacities and lift heights continue at 3.2t and 5.2m for the TM320 and TM320S, and 4.1t and 5.45m for the TM420 and new TM420S.

The new eight-speed JCB Powershift transmission installed in all TM telescopic wheeled loaders is based on the proven components of the current six-speed unit, but with two extra forward gears providing optimum tractive effort for different tasks and smooth, progressive steps between ratios.

The top-spec version of this transmission with 50km/hr gearing is standard on the new TM420S and an option for the TM320S, the two high-performance models in the range equipped with the most arduous farm and contracting applications. This high-speed gearing provides either rapid yard-to-field and farm-to-farm travel, or a quieter and more economical 40km/hr cruise at low engine speed.

JCB Torquelock power-efficient direct drive is available in every gear, including the four reverse speeds, so operators get optimum performance when building a silage clamp or working at a muddy muck heap – both of which involve repeated forward and reverse working – as well as when travelling on the road and especially when tackling hills while towing.

The base-spec 40km/hr version of this eight-speed transmission is fitted to the TM320 and TM420 that are designed for less-demanding applications, with torque converter lock-up available in forward gears five to eight.

The JCB TM420 and TM420S have maximum lift heights of 5.45m.

Both versions of this innovative JCB engineered and manufactured transmission can be operated manually, shifting through the gears using joystick buttons, or by switching to “intelligent” auto power-shifting for gears five to eight.

In auto mode, the transmission responds to light use of the accelerator pedal by shifting up and down at a relatively steady engine speed for optimum fuel economy, but more aggressive pedal use results in delayed up-shifts to exploit the full power and torque available at higher revs for maximum acceleration and productivity.

All four JCB telescopic wheeled loaders are equipped with a new Command Plus cab that features a one-piece windscreen sweeping up and over the operator’s head.

Forwards visibility is effectively increased by 13 per cemt while the overhead glazed area is 52 per cent larger than before, with the internal ROPS/FOPS safety grille design optimised to improve upwards visibility for accurate placement and retrieval of items such as bales and potato boxes.

The new design also allows a roof wiper option to keep the maximum area of glass clean, and there are larger rear three-quarter windows and a rear-view camera as standard.

Lift height on the JCB TM320 and TM320S is 5.2m.

Inside the cab, the new “memory” steering column can be pushed away to leave and enter the cab more easily, the cab steps are illuminated, and having parked the machine in the dark, the programmable 360-degree lighting can remain switched on for a while before turning off automatically.

A familiar JCB membrane switch panel on the right-hand pillar, where a mobile ’phone holder can be added, simplifies the control layout, and an assignable hot-key button on the hydraulics control joystick is a new feature that can be used for any one of a number of functions.

These include switching between transmission auto and manual modes, torque lock-up engage/disengage and auxiliary hydraulic valve control to muting the radio, answering or hanging up calls on a Bluetooth-connected mobile ’phone, and acting as a master switch for the work lights.

All new TM telescopic loaders now have a pressure release control inside and outside the cab, as well as at the boom end for easier implement change-overs.

The two S models in JCB’s new telescopic wheeled loader range deliver lively performance and silage clamp climbing ability with an impressive power-to-weight ratio of about 17hp/t.

The new TM420S, with its large-diameter 26in tyres and heavier duty chassis and axles, builds on the performance credentials established by the TM320S among large farms and contractors needing a machine for the toughest and most demanding applications.

Power output for the TM320S is increased to 150hp accompanied by 600Nm of torque, while the new range-topping TM420S comes in with 173hp and 690Nm; this is the first JCB machine to use this new higher power rating for the JCB DieselMAX engine, making it comfortably the most powerful telescopic loading and handling machine on the market.

Both models have flow-on-demand hydraulic piston pumps, but the TM420S also has regenerative boom hydraulics that exploit the weight of the boom to bring it down quickly for faster loading cycle times, and a twin hydraulic pump installation totalling 100cc capacity to deliver oil at up to 160 lit/min using only modest engine revs.

When the new JCB TM320S is upgraded to the 50km/hr version of the eight-speed Powershift transmission it gets a number of the more powerful machine’s features, including a dual-circuit braking system with oil-immersed disc brakes in both axles, 10-stud instead of five-stud axle hubs and an electric rather than mechanical parking brake mechanism.

Both models are available to Pro Edition spec, which adds a comprehensive package of additional equipment including JCB Smoothride boom suspension, a transmission belly guard and a variable-speed reversing engine coolant fan.

The latest JCB TM320S offers 120hp from its Stage V JCB DieselMax engine.

A distinctive chromed exhaust stack is also part of the Pro Edition package, along with 360-degree LED cab- and boom-mounted lighting, twin flashing beacons, an in-cab storage box, toolbox, grease gun and Bluetooth radio.

For less demanding applications, such as handling bales and potato boxes, bulk seed and fertiliser bags and routine feeding operations on a stock farm, the latest TM320 and TM420 provide a great combination of features and performance that’s enhanced by the new 40km/hr eight-speed JCB Powershift transmission with its finer spread of ratios.

The TM320 gets a power and torque boost to 130hp and 550Nm, while the TM420 has the latest 150hp DieselMax engine with 600Nm torque output.

These general purpose models have the same lift capacity and lift height figures as their S counterparts, but the 63cc, 230-bar variable-flow piston pump hydraulics of the TM320 and 72cc, 260-bar system in the TM420 suits the tasks they’re given.

To complement the higher lift capacity and lift height of the TM420, this model has a heavier-duty chassis and axles, larger wheels and tyres, disc brakes in both axles and regenerative hydraulics that exploit the weight of the boom to bring it down faster, but still under safe control ready to spike another bale or scoop up more grain.

The 4.8-litre JCB 448 DieselMax engine used in all four of the new telescopic wheeled loaders meets EU Stage V emissions limits with an advanced single-canister DPF/SCR solution.

This minimal after-treatment requirement for particulate and NOx control comes largely thanks to the inherent combustion efficiency of the engine. This makes a significant contribution to fuel economy and is further enhanced by the new JCB Autostop shut-down feature that kicks-in (if engaged) after a period at idling speed to eliminate unproductive use of diesel.

JCB Stage V telescopic wheeled loader specification
Model TM320 TM320S TM420 TM420S
Lift capacity / height 3.2t / 5.2m 4.1t / 5.45m
Engine 4.8-litre JCB DieselMax – EU Stage V
Power 130hp 150hp 173hp
Torque 550Nm 600Nm 690Nm
Transmission – standard 40km/hr 8-speed
JCB Powershift

50km/hr 8-speed
JCB Powershift

Transmission – option None

50km/hr 8-speed
JCB Powershift


40km/hr 8-speed
JCB Powershift

Agricultural tyres 24in 26in
Hydraulic pump Variable displacement
Max output 140 lit/min 160 lit/min
Auxiliary circuit
90 lit/min 100 lit/min