A SAM Horizon 4000 has become the first sprayer in the UK to be fitted with pressure- and heat-sensing Continental VF tyres.

New pressure- and heat-sensing tyres have been fitted to a sprayer for the first time in the UK. The Continental VF tyres have been fitted to a sel-propelled SAM Horizon 4000.

“This is the first time the new VF tyres with pressure sensors have been fitted to a sprayer in the UK and we hope that other sprayer operators will want to introduce this technology to help reduce soil compaction,” Continental agricultural tyre specialist Richard Hutchins said.

The tyres are equipped with ContiPressureCheck, a new system that monitors the pressure and temperature of tyres to provide the operator with the information to prevent tyre related issues such as underinflation or overloading.

“VF tyres with sensors are the future for farming,” Mr Hutchins added. “On the road, these tyres enable the vehicle to carry 40 per cent more load than a standard tyre at the same pressure. Alternatively, in the field, the pressure of VF tyres can be lowered by 40 per cent compared to standard tyres, even when carrying the same load. This spreads the weight of the vehicle over a larger surface area and reduces soil compaction.”

The sprayer is owned by James Goodley, who runs an arable farm in Norfolk. The tyres are helping him to adapt his farming methods as part of a move to a zero till system.

“I want my sprayer tyre pressures as low as possible to maximise the footprint and minimise compaction,” he said. “My concern has always been to not run them too low, and that’s where the tyre monitor comes in, because it can tell the operator if the pressure is safe and correct.”

The Continental VF TractorMaster 600/60R30 tyres, rated 162D/159E, fitted to the sprayer are part of a larger range that’s now available in the UK.

“Demands to reduce the impact of heavy machinery on our soil are being met with new technology,” Mr Hutchins said. “Our hope is that others will choose to invest in the way that Mr Goodley has to help improve farming methods in the future.”