Spearhead’s special edition Y20 version of the Multicut 460.

Rotary mower manufacturer Spearhead has unveiled a special model marking the 20th birthday of the Multicut 460. The new Y20 version is claimed to deliver the machine’s best-ever specification at a celebratory price.

For 20 years, the Multicut 460 has gained worldwide fame as a robust and long-lasting flex wing mower, and machines are cutting grass across the globe. Not only does the 460 save time behind the wheel, it delivers a superior cut. In farming, for example, dairy and meat yields can be improved thanks to higher quality pasture.

Presented in Y20 grey, the special edition model provides every possible feature at a price that rivals the standard 460 model. A huge advancement is that the Y20 includes a new, more robust 165hp gearbox, covered by a complimentary five-year warranty. Delivering 50 per cent more power when required, oversized shafts and gears increase the stature by 30 per cent. Critically, the lower seal is fully protected, minimising the risk of damage to this key component.

The Y20 includes Spearhead's award-winning six-blade Starcut Knife system
The Y20 includes Spearhead’s award-winning six-blade Starcut Knife system.

A further standard inclusion is the award-winning six-blade Starcut Knife system. Usually seen only on on top models, this ensures the Y20 delivers superior cutting. Using six blades, not three, cutting is faster (at least 10ha/hr). Mulch is much smaller (effectively less than 60mm), speeding up breakdown, while spread is more even. Finally, a fuel saving of up to 60 per cent is likely compared to fixed-knife systems.

The Y20 delivers a softer ride and less machine strain thanks to Hydragas suspension that reduces shock loads. Coupled with a tougher walking centre axle, trailing is stable – even at speed. Further features include wider wheels to tackle rough ground, a flat centre deck for easier maintenance and a toughened deck structure.

Spearhead’s director of sales and marketing, Antony Prince, said this is a great year for the Multicut 460, and he was delighted to see the Y20 launch.

“It showcases everything that’s fantastic about our class-leading Multicut 460 and is a further credit to our devoted development team here in the UK,” he added. “Most significantly, it offers customers incredible value and the highest performance out in the field.”

Spearhead first launched the Multicut 460 in 2001. It was the successor to the GS400 and 450 rotary mowers. Development of the ever-popular model has continued annually, and 2007 saw the Agritechnica silver medal winning six-blade Starcut Knife system launched as an option, before 2018 saw the powerful, new Spearhead gearbox (and five-year warranty) made available on higher specification models.

Bringing this product development excellence into the Multicut 460 Y20 marks a worthy celebration for Spearhead and its dealer network.