UTV Products supplies replacement LED headlights to upgrade tractor lighting.

UTV Products is highlighting the use of road-legal lights only when driving agricultural machinery on the highway. The use of high-power working lights can blind other motorists, creating dangerous driving situations for all involved.

“Operators travelling on road are often tempted to use all available white lights front and rear when undertaking night-time road movements,” the managing director of UTV Products, Martin Wickes, said. “The mass of bright white light on tractors at night gives no indication what is behind a machine or how wide it actually is because motorists eyes are drawn to the lights and blinded.”

Mr Wickes highlighted that it’s illegal to show white lights to the rear, but drivers may believe their use helps.

“A high percentage of tractors and telehandlers in daily use have poor headlights and this alone can prompt the unnecessary use of bright work lights to compensate,” he added.

The company’s UTV361 offering costs £179+VAT for a pair and suit many tractor brands with rectangular headlights.

Modern UTV road legal lights provide maximum illumination close to the vehicle as well as at greater distance and can be fitted to new and older machines.

“Decent lights cost little in relation to accidents and potential loss of lives caused by the above scenario,” Mr Wickes said. “In many instances, great performing headlights are a good dual-purpose investment because they improve both field and highway use when working around the clock.”

Unpredictable weather and challenging seasons mean working through the night when field and crop conditions allow. Using crisp, clean lighting akin to daylight becomes ever more important when working around the clock, and front headlights are a great place to begin when upgrading light packages.

For more information visit: www.ledlightsforsale.co.uk.