Masons Kings customer NM Farley & Sons is a Devon-based business managing more than 1,000 acres.

South-west of England John Deere agricultural and turf dealership Masons Kings is adding value to its own and customers’ businesses through the introduction of the company’s latest Precision Agriculture and Connected Support technology.

Bringing real benefits to agricultural customers, this technology provides industry-leading data collection and transfer systems to help improve business efficiencies and make substantial cost savings.

Experts in the industry for more than 30 years, Masons Kings has been a leading John Deere dealership in the South-west for more than 10 years and remains a family-led business. It’s continuing to grow a successful business in step with the advances in technology now being made, even during a turbulent 2020 with Brexit and Covid-19.

The general manager at Masons Kings, Peter Endacott, said he was proud to be a John Deere dealership in the South-west, selling and servicing many great brands of machinery to agricultural, commercial and domestic turf customers.

“We now have the best product range we’ve ever had, offering the best options, value and variety,” he added. “This is backed up by our team of expert technicians, who provide first-class product support for parts, servicing and repairs across the South-west. We make sure customers get the most from their machines to ensure they deliver for them.

“Technology in the industry is key and John Deere provides the best user-friendly technology solutions in the market, which we’re also proud to offer our customers. Our FarmSight team works closely with customers to deliver a bespoke solution that brings the most reward for their business. This has enabled us to add real value to our customers’ operations by integrating the technology and supporting them throughout.”

John Deere division sales manager Joedy Ibbotson said that as one of the leading John Deere dealerships in the UK, Masons Kings was particularly strong in developing and maintaining customer relationships, and worked extremely hard to provide premium product support.

“The dealership has grabbed hold of our business strategy, to add value to customer businesses by integrating the latest Connected Support technology wherever possible to improve performance, uptime and operating costs,” he added. “Masons Kings has also invested in its team by hiring skilled people to enhance the customer experience. It is now able to offer a tailored solution to support individual customer needs, which is vital in today’s complex and demanding agricultural industry.”

Examples of Masons Kings customers who’ve experienced the benefits that the latest John Deere technology can bring to their business include NM Farley & Sons, in Devon, which manages 1,000 acres of organic root vegetables, cereals, grass and maize and provide contracting services for drilling and grass/maize harvesting.

Masons Kings has provided support through JDLink to its connected tractors using Remote Display Access and Expert Alerts, and by utilising John Deere’s Fuel Guarantee Programme the tractors are performing better than the recommended fuel usage target.

“The Masons Kings maintenance plans have allowed us to manage the running costs of our fleet of 6175R and 6155R tractors so we can effectively budget for machinery maintenance,” Neil Farley said. “The data generated from JDLink and the support from the Masons Kings FarmSight team have allowed us to continue making marginal gains by being able to see performance, economy and idle time for the different tractors.”

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