Deere’s 7R330 achieved fuel cost savings of up to 2 euros/hr during transport applications compared to average figures.

According to the independent DLG PowerMix test, John Deere has once again proved to be the best choice of tractor for transport applications with its all-new 7R330 model.

The company achieved the best ever DLG PowerMix transport test result in 2018 with the 6250R, and still holds that record. More recently, the 7R330, with its new Stage V engine, has set the benchmark for all tractors rated at 250hp or more.

With a combined fuel consumption of only 375g/kWh diesel plus 17g/kWh DEF, the 7R330 delivered an 8g/kWh diesel plus 28g/kWh DEF advantage over the next best competitor in this horsepower class. This will help farmers and contractors to further reduce their operating costs.

Depending on local diesel and DEF prices, the result equates to hourly savings of 1.50 to more than 2.00 euros in transport applications, or even higher compared to average tractor performance figures.

Both the John Deere 6250R and 7R330 tractors performed the demanding PowerMix test at the DLG test centre in Groß-Umstadt, Germany, where the individual test cycles are designed to replicate typical heavy and light transport work.

Available since 2017, the 6R Series flagship 6250R tractor introduced John Deere’s new CommandPRO joystick and provides up to 300hp when required thanks to an engine boost of 50hp with intelligent power management (IPM) – more power than any other tractor in this weight class. Its high maximum permissible weight also allows a 5.7t payload, which means the tractor is able to transport heavier loads.

Launched at Agritechnica 2019, the 7R330 tractor also features the CommandPRO joystick in a brand new luxury cab, along with enhanced Precision Ag technology features. This model delivers a maximum power rating of 373hp with IPM and an advantageous power to weight ratio of only 30kg/hp, which has a further positive impact on performance, acceleration and fuel consumption.

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