The new Sprit 400 drill from Väderstad is available in seed-only (S) and seed/fetiliser (C) variants.

Väderstad has launched the Spirit 400 pneumatic seed drill with key features such as innovative E-Control control system with ISObus Task Control, SeedEye blockage monitoring and new hydraulics.

The drill also has a new open machine design and two platforms, which has led to improved accessibility. New hydraulics deliver active seed coulter pressure, adjustable following harrow pressure and automatic headland sequence control.

The operator has full control of the seeding operation via the iPad-based Väderstad E-Control. The SeedEye blockage feature helps the operator to monitor the seed and fertiliser output in real time. Any deviation triggers a warning so any impact on drilling can be quickly solved.

The new Spirit 400 is available as the seed-only version Spirit 400S, as well as the combi versions Spirit 400C Fix – which places the fertiliser in 5cm wide strips at 125mm row spacing, in front of every seed row – and Spirit 400C InLine, which is designed to apply a low starter fertiliser rate in a separate outlet together with the seeds in the seed coulter.

The Spirit 400 will go into production in February 2021.

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