Lemken’s Karat 9 cultivator with DeltaCut shares and SeedHub intercrop seeder.

Lemken’s Karat 9 intensive cultivator has been used successfully all over the world for many years. With eight different share designs, it can be put to a wide range of uses at working depths of 5.0cm to 30cm, from shallow stubble cultivation to primary tillage. The addition of the new DeltaCut shares now enable extra-shallow cultivation at a working depths of up to 5.0cm.

Shallow cultivation across the full working width is especially useful for incorporating winter catch crops in spring, or for that first pass of stubble cultivation. DeltaCut shares reliably undercut winter catch crops and prevent additional water from being drained from the soil. By incorporating harvest residues at a shallow depth during stubble cultivation, weed seeds and volunteer cereals are encouraged to germinate evenly and evaporation is reduced.

Lemken’s DeltaCut share.

At a medium line spacing of approximately 28cm, the 35cm wide DeltaCut shares continue to till across the full working width even after extended use. They’re available with carbide coating for particularly high area outputs, which enables them to deliver a service life that is up to five times longer. The minimal longitudinal wear of these shares ensures a consistently high quality of work throughout their full service life.

A quick-change system comes as standard with the Lemken Karat 9 to facilitate its rapid, tool-free conversion for extra-shallow tillage. The DeltaCut shares are available now.

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