Laforge has introduced a new model of its DynaTrac system to complement its existing range of implement guidance interfaces. The new Compact model is perfectly suited to medium-power tractors from 70 to 150hp to accurately position light implements.

DynaTrac proves highly valuable for open field vegetable farmers and, more globally, all high-value crop producers looking for accuracy and repeatability at each step of crop production. It’s also a great fit for row crop cultivators to upgrade them to work accurately, whatever the model, brand, and age of the implement.

It can also guide all mechanical weeders on the market thanks to its universality. As an option, Laforge offers its Vision pack that allows the DynaTrac to be steered using camera inputs, as an alternative to GPS.

The DynaTrac Compact retains the optional lateral float feature of the pick-up arms (a feature that’s exclusive to Laforge), allowing it to guide implements without lateral efforts. This improves working accuracy and reduces wears of working elements.

It also includes a vertical float feature for a perfect ground contour following by the implement. This way, the implement doesn’t carry the weight of the interface. Consequently, it’s easier to guide. The DynaTrac’s weight is on the tractor’s ear axle, improving its traction capacity.

Technical specifications:

  • 30cm travel range
  • DynaTrac Compact weight, 410kg
  • Load capacity: implement up to 1,500kg
  • PTO compatible
  • Lateral float feature with mechanical lock possible
  • Vertical float feature with mechanical lock possible

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