A smaller, 3m wide version of the Focus strip-till drill has been introduced by Horsch.

Horsch has launched a 3m version of its proven Focus TD strip-till drill line to offer a solution for smaller operations to combine strip tillage and sowing.

Introduced following customer requests for a smaller machine, the new model has a steel hopper with a 3,500 litre capacity and a 60:40 partition. In addition, a MiniDrill with an additional 400 litre capacity is available.

The MiniDrill offers a third component in the application process and increases the productivity of the machine. In the case of OSR seeding, the rape seed can be metered with the MiniDrill and the two main hoppers can be used for fertiliser, increasing the seeding output of the Focus by 40 per cent. If the MiniDrill is used as an addition to the PPF system, the seed outlets are located in the seed bar area and can be used to apply slug pellets, for example.

The Focus TD has been designed to be an uncompromising solution for strip and conventional drilling in one machine. The TerraGrip tine system creates a deep loosened area and fertiliser can be placed shallow, deep or 50/50. The tine cultivation frame can be replaced with the DiscSystem to create a compact rotary disc harrow.

The new 3m Horsch Focus 3TD with the optional 400 litre MiniDrill.

As an additional choice to the well-proven TurboDisc double disc coulter, the new TurboEdge tine coulter can be specified. This is suited to row spacings that are larger than 25cm for rape and beans. Especially suited to heavy soils or those with a lot of residue on the surface, the seed tine offers exact placement of the seed. Even if there’s limited cultivation work, the TurboEdge coulter shows its advantages. In other conditions, the TurboDisc coulter continues to be the best choice for optimum precise seed placement.

A crumbling unit, instead of the levelling discs, in front of the packer provides a fine earth in the seed strip and is particularly effective on medium and heavy soils. Due to its open design and small diameter, coarse soil is easily crushed and the self-cleaning effect on sticky damp soils is excellent.

For more information visit: www.horsch.com.