Wayne and Sally Field of W Field Agricultural Engineering & Services.

Avant Tecno UK has taken the first steps in developing a UK service network by signing a service partner agreement with Wayne Field of W Field Agricultural Engineering & Services  to provide aftersales support for Avant customers in the South-west of England.

Avant Tecno UK customer support engineer Neil Frost said developing a strong network of service partners was an important step forward in the growth of any manufacturer.

“It gives us confidence that our products are receiving the best aftersales care out in the real world and provides our customers with access to support closer to them, wherever they may be in the country,” he added. “With regular servicing and maintenance carried out by authorised and trained service technicians throughout the UK, the working life of our products can be extended, giving customers greater value from their investment.”

Avant Tecno UK managing director Raimo Ala-Korpi welcomed the announcement, stating that Wayne and Sally Field would be fantastic ambassadors the new support network.

For more information visit: www.avanttecno.com or www.wfieldagricultural.co.uk.