An optional film and net wrapping unit is now available on Pöttinger’s Impress baler/wrappers.

Pöttinger has launched a new feature on its Impress round balers to further improve forage quality. The range’s new multi-function binding unit can use net or film, with the advantages of higher silage quality, improved surface protection and easy bale handling.

One of the many advantages of film binding is the three-fold improvement in protection of the forage due to the increased number of layers. This ensures that the forage is well protected when it is ejected from the wrapper, and later when it is transported from the field. Silage bales also benefit from additional compression. The diameter can be reduced by about 3cm, corresponding to an oxygen reduction of about 70 litres. The increased oxygen barrier reduces the risk of mould formation by promoting a more rapid reduction in pH value.

Because the new binding unit, which is available as an option, can be used to bind bales with either a conventional net or with a binding film, the system provides maximum flexibility in all operating conditions. Only a short time is needed to change over. The roll of net or binding film is hydraulically braked by a tension roller. An additional tail binding unit allows the binding film to be fed reliably into the bale chamber.

To protect the film and to make it easier to change between net and film, or vice versa, an additional sliding roller is installed in front of the roll holder. The roll holder is designed to accommodate rolls of binding material up to 1,420mm wide with a diameter of up to 310mm.

The bales are more tightly wrapped, expelling an extra 70 litres of oxygen.

A camera is installed as standard to ensure operational reliability. This allows the driver to monitor the binding and wrapping process on fixed chamber balers and Impress Pro variable-chamber balers.

To ensure hygienic storage, the bales should be stored standing up. The pressure of the contents of the bale expands the film, the film layers are pressed together and the bale is sealed even better. That’s why Pöttinger developed a bale turner that was launched for the 2020 season.

Especially designed for whole crop material, a bale landing mat is available as an option to protect the bale when it leaves the wrapper. The mat is mounted under the wrapper and can be unrolled when needed.

Using only one type of material for binding and wrapping saves time when unpacking the bales. It’s no longer necessary to separate net and film, which makes waste recycling much easier and more environmentally friendly.

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