The new Novadisc 812 mower combination from Austrian manufacturer Pöttinger.

The latest Novadisc mower combinations from Pöttinger are packed with technical refinements and have an eye-catching appearance. Benefits include smooth running, strength, ground tracking and an extended service life.

The Novadisc 732, 812, 902 mower combinations are available with working widths of 7.24m, 8.09m and 8.92m respectively. These models are all light enough can be used with smaller tractors from as little as 85hp.

Because of their low weight, the Novadiscs are easy to run. This saves fuel. When used with a 3.04m wide front mower, the Novadisc has an impressive overlap of 52cm on each side. This means it can mow without feathering on steep ground and while cornering.

Two suspension springs on each cutter bar ensure uniform weight alleviation of the entire mower. A new feature on Novadisc mower combinations is that the pressure acting on the ground can be adjusted in three stages without the need for tools. The unique kinematics ensure that the cutterbar applies equal pressure to the ground over its entire width. This provides the machine with maximum protection and makes it easy to run.

The Novadisc lifting technology also conserves the sward. That is because the mower is lowered so that the outer end of the cutter bar contacts the ground first. Likewise, at the headland, the inner end is lifted first.

The wide +22/-30 degree arc of movement enables easy mowing on rough ground and embankments. When the safety interlock is raised, mowing at up to +45 degrees is permitted for a short time.

The cutter bar is protected against twisting because it’s suspended at both ends. This relieves the stress on the gears and bearings. As a result, they run very smoothly and have a long service life. The risk of a collision with obstacles has also been taken into consideration. The collision safety device on either side permits the units to swing through approximately 12 degrees. If the device is triggered you just need to reverse a short way to engage the mower unit again. This effectively prevents damage to the mower unit.

The Novadisc has a wide +22/-30 degree arc of movement, enabling easy mowing on rough ground and embankments.

The compact driveline and drive belt tension regulated by a back tension idler ensure robust and reliable power transmission.

Each mower in the combination is lifted using a single-acting spool valve. With the optional pre-select system, only one spool valve is required. You can then choose between parallel or individual lifting.

At the heart of Novadisc mower combinations is the cutterbar, proven on thousands of mowers in the field. These cutterbars are easily accessible thanks to the folding guard that opens wide. This makes it possible to clean the machine thoroughly and change blades quickly and easily. A handy blade box provides space for replacement blades. The blade tool is kept on the machine.

The PTO shafts are also easily accessible and easy to maintain. In addition, the PTO shaft greasing interval has been increased to 150 hours. A practical feature is the PTO shaft holder, which makes attachment easier and saves you time.

The guard curtains are made from very tough material to reliably catch stones and dirt. This provides the best possible protection for the tractor and surroundings. The mechanical safety interlock ensures safety during transport on the road. Thanks to the optional hydraulic folding system on the outer guards, all models achieve a compact transport width of 2.85m. Transport heights are 3.10m for the Novadisc 732, 3.50m for the Novadisc 812 and 3.90m for the Novadisc 902.

Another new feature is the LED lights fitted as standard to all Novadisc mower combinations.

To save space, the mower can be stowed on the optional parking stands, and Pöttinger has also added an eye-catching design, giving the new Novadisc mower combinations a modern, sleek appearance.

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