Dairy Spares: New design sub-clinical mastitis detector delivers results quickly and easily

The four-cup design of the Draminski Mastitis Detector makes it quicker and easier to check for sub-clinical mastitis.

Dairy Spares has extended the range of Draminski electronic  detectors it offers for identifying sub-clinical mastitis.

The latest product is designed with four sample cups instead of one, enabling a milk sample to be collected from each teat more quickly and easily. The analysis results from all four samples are then shown simultaneously, allowing easy identification of suspect quarters.

Draminski mastitis detectors measure changes in the electrical resistance of milk. When a reading from one of the quarters is different from the others, this indicates the presence of sub-clinical mastitis.

This tool gives a reliable early warning of a potential clinical mastitis case, and allows targeted monitoring of specific quarters, or cows.

The four-cup Draminski mastitis detector retails at £350 +VAT (price correct at June 2020).

For more information visit: www.dairyspares.co.uk.